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  • Voynich Manuscript
    Next part of The Pocketwatch is up, Clues . I had wanted to do some stuff in the future before moving on, but I could not think of anything that wouldn't just drag the sto
  • Pattern Flux
    Probably because of the chaotic nature of my speech, I tend to not only shift accents from time to time, but also shift expressions in my speech as well. These can vary fr
  • Mathematical Impossibility
    I have today put up not one, but two parts for Red Ice: First Craft , and Polonium Black . These collectively complete Chapter 1 of the story.  Having more German vocabula
  • Desereted
    One of the things specific to LDS culture, and one of the things I forgot about by the time I started doing linguistic studies, was an attempt during the 1800's at creatin
  • People are Deaf
    While I didn't know that it was a Yamaha product until today, I've known about Vocaloid  for a long time. It wasn't anything made with it that first brought it to my atten
  • Crash Review
    I started going through the Pimsleur course today for Japanese. Since I didn't know what they would cover in the course I decided to just start from the beginning, making
  • Cloaked
    As of right now most of AnacondaSoftware is now closed, leaving just the forum. I had a security issue come up with my hosting account, and so in the process of doing secu
  • Semi-machinated
    A  new part of Red Ice is now posted. And I'm not sure how exactly to pronounce the name, to be honest with you, it's been ages since I did any study of German and so the
  • Eh?
    It's a common joke that Canadians often use "Eh?" at the end of their sentences, and if you're talking with them you should as well to fit in. In reality, however, that's
  • Intensive Intent
    I've noticed recently a trend of improper expression use. Particularly, the expression "for all intents and purposes." For some reason I guess a number of people are heari
  • AIM Talk
    So I just remembered Sony Ericsson phones have built-in functions for posting photographs onto Google's Blogger service. I had started setting it up some time ago, then co
  • Pronounced
    English is a rather strange language. It is filled with many different language influences, and it is full of conflicting grammatical rules. It is hard to find any good co
  • Double Vision
    One of the things that is supposed to be avoided in writing, and spellcheckers freak out over all the time, is words written twice. The obvious reason for this is of cours
  • A short guide to lolcats
    Originating in the depths of the internet, on a day of the week known as Caturday, now you can see the " lolcats " everywhere, permeating every nook and cranny of the inte
  • Déjà Vowel
    I thought I had talked about this once before, but apparently I haven't. Also, it seems Google isn't indexing anything for the search box, I'll look into that in a little
  • Constant/Consonant
    The other day in work, a coworker was making a joke about another one (not a derogatory joke, mind you, a joke that she often makes about herself). However, this coworker
  • Interpersonal
    One of the lesser seen problems of English's pronouns - a problem not as glaring as our lack of a singular gender-neutral pronoun - is the fact that they aren't indicative
  • sRc
    Since I accidentally dropped it on the Gentoo forums, and it's a part of my Steam tag, I guess I'll explain my alias name 'sRc'. To do that, however, requires some explana
  • Um, lot?
    Some words we use in common day to day speech aren't actually words in the English language, they are loanwords. Some of these can be easily recognized by their diacritics
  • Caution: English Construction Next 5 Miles
    At my work theres a guy who often mispronounces the names of things. Usually its nothing to bother with, but occasionally some unusual words are created by him. Today he w
  • Bilingual Illiterate
    Writing Skewed occasionally presents an unusual problem. Skewed takes place in Japan, and its characters are (with a couple exceptions) Japanese. However, I'm obviously no
  • Emphasis Added
    As a general rule, English follows a pattern of emphasizing every other syllable. Occasionally one and two syllable words in succession will swap this, but this more or le
  • ?!
    This was actually shown to me a few weeks ago, and I had intended to write about it then, but I didn't, and it got passed over for a while. Occasionally a sentence can be
  • Then There Was Than
    As if a sign of how prevalent mistakes are in our language, the How-To of the Day a few days ago was How to Use Than and Then . Good advice, they aren't really that hard t
  • Buried Treasure
    In High School, I kept a notebook for stuff related to the AnacondaSoftware title Spiral Island. This is a white notebook, with a sheet slid in the front with the Spiral I
  • Too Late, Can't Think
    I'm in training all this week, from 3PM to 11:30PM. On normal days, I go to bed at the time I'm just getting home. So I haven't had the chance to think of anything to writ
  • Listen To What I'm Thinking
    Text is plain. Emotions can't be portrayed very well with text alone, especially in just speech text. Forums, email and chats are where these problems particularly play ou
  • Description and Direction
    Most of the time I plan out things in a script format. I have stories told by the characters, with conversations between characters explaining the situation. Anyone readin
  • Unfamiliar Words
    I didn't have much in the way of spelling mistakes to work with the last couple of days, and I didn't want to go back and look for them. The real interesting thing about t
  • Geek's a Verb?
    So, being that its Memorial Day, its kinda slow around work. Not as slow as say Thanksgiving or Christmas would be, but it is slower than usual. That's giving people a lot

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