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Holder of Time

It's so easy for me to draw parallels to The Holders series, simply because that's the first place I was introduced to this concept. But I'm not talking about the Holders series today, in particular. Instead, I thought I'd mention a couple other works of a similar premise that have recently come to my attention and have enjoyed rather well. Both of these are SyFy properties, one being a mini-series from a few years back, and the other a regular series that started this year.

The first one, the mini-series, I just finished watching, after having originally seen the advertisement for it, missed it, forgotten the title, been unable to find it again, and then finally reminded of the title on a forum. That is The Lost Room. This show came out before I was first introduced to the Holders series, actually, and was the first thing I had thought about after first reading The King Of Wolves' site. But I had missed it when it had aired, and couldn't remember it to find it again. This particular series follows a very specific path, as the preview shows, with the man who lost his daughter into the Room and is now after the Objects needed to get her back. 

The second one is a series titled Warehouse 13, which the last of it can be seen on Hulu right now. Instead of having any specific sequence following it, like The Lost Room does, this throws more into the Indiana Jones/Peter Jackson Games concept of a government entity retrieving and guarding Objects as they turn up. It was originally slated for just one season, but near the end got greenlit for a second season, and I'm looking forward to. 

I don't really want to spoil either one beyond that, because I really enjoyed them and highly recommend watching both series.

Date posted: 25 November, 2009
Tags: holders television
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