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  • Magic and Science
    Clarke's Third Law : Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Niven's Converse :  Any sufficiently rigorously defined magic is indistinguishab
  • Holder of Time
    It's so easy for me to draw parallels to The Holders series, simply because that's the first place I was introduced to this concept. But I'm not talking about the Holders
  • The Bard sRc
    To bring everything to head, we'll recap the story so far. Ever since I started on the internet, all the way back in '97, I was known by the alias "The Anaconda". But, rec
  • Not Interesting Enough?
    A movie came out last Friday called Blindness , which is about a virus spreading to cause people to go blind. I had only seen about it from the TV commercials, which were
  • Unholy Holy Water
    With the update today for Skewed , I think we can now appropriately more or less mark the midpoint of the story. Revealing the true purpose of the Storm, which has been on
  • Contextless
    Sorry, I have been sick this week, and I haven't remembered to come and post any update. The doctor's actually put me on work leave for a couple days, so as to not spread
  • Another Voice
    I don't watch may US television programs, I mostly watch movies and Japanese anime. One of the shows I do watch though is the medical drama House MD, starring Hugh Laurie

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