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Greater Flurry

So let's see... Lockup, Inventory, Date Line, Radiation, The Carpenter, The Truth, Closing Thoughts, and the Epilogue. Yes, that's eight more parts, since last Wednesday, and now The Pocketwatch is complete. 

What brought this on? Well, I realized that it wasn't that much work to finish it, so I decided to just go ahead and spend some time and get it done. It's not that long of a story, like I was intending. 27 pages total in Word, and exactly 20,000 words (how it worked out that well is rather surprising, actually). Yes, I consider that a 'short' story, considering right now Skewed is sitting at 132K words and 214 pages, and still has some time before its finished. It's nice to write something short every so often, and have a clear end in sight to work towards.

Date posted: 03 May, 2010
Tags: skewed the_pocketwatch writing
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