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Burnin' Down The House

This one I'm finding harder to remember to put together into words, or at least trying to remember the order. At one point, I was at my parent's house and there was someone in the house next to it assembling an assault rifle with incendiary rounds, then walking around the perimeter of the house through the other yards shooting at some gang members in different places. He then left the rifle and I went to inspect it and accidentally shot one of the rounds, setting one of the neighboring houses on fire, but I was able to get the fire out with just the garden hose before the fire crews arrived. 

Another point I was an off-duty cop, in some city's downtown place and driving my father's car. I had just been talking to some people in a newspaper office in a building there about something (can't remember what anymore), and went back down to leave with the friends with me, but my key had been damaged and so wouldn't open the lock, and while playing with it some trying to get it open managed to remote start the engine through the door keyhole. I went back up to the shop to try to get them to fix my key, because apparently they also had a set of master key codes, but they wouldn't do it.

The last part I don't remember what order it came in in relation to the other two, and might be directly related to having watched Book of Eli last night. I was in some place, with some other people doing something and someone that stood in a guard room with a slit in the wall that would shoot us under some conditions. Something happened to that guard and left us unsupervised, so I tore through the simple drywall wall they had erected and escaped the building, wandering around in this post-apocalyptia. I went into some house to look for supplies, and found in a hidden drawer in this person's house a secret computer rig thing  that ran off an SD card, so put it in my Eee to see what it contained. While waiting for it to boot I noticed I forgot to lock all the doors, and hurried to do that, only to find someone had come through the front door. I shot them without question, and went to look the front door and turned around to find someone came through the side door. I made the mistake of letting them talk, and that man tried smoothing it over that he was a bounty hunter and looking for the man I shot and wanted to examine the body, and as he came forward it became apparent he was only a crazed cannibal as well like most of the rest of the people and I had to shoot him too.

Date posted: 14 July, 2010
Tags: dream
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