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  • Dream: The Great Shoe Dilemma
    This one's from a couple weeks ago, and I forgot to post it here. I was at a Shop-ko, at their used games desk, looking through old NES/SNES games. My right shoe fell off,
  • Dream: Leave Old Equipment Repairs To The Professionals
    So I had this dream that I was working at some company in Orem, Utah (as denoted by the way the dream identified the locations), doing whatever. This one Sunday my work wa
  • Dream: Modernizing Hydaelyn
    This is also a dream from a couple days ago I didn't have a chance to post yet. So this is another dream involving Final Fantasy XIV, except different fromĀ  the last time
  • Dream: Imagine All The People
    This was a dream I had a couple days ago, and have been meaning to post. So apparently I was at Walmart, buying some stuff before going into work (although since I start w
  • Dream: A Man Running
    So I had a dream about this man. He was in his mid-40s about, and he had spent the last ten or so years of his life on the run. From the government or some other entity I'
  • Dream: Life Reruns
    I had a dream last night that I met up with a friend of mine from elementary school, whatever she had done with her life she had a Masters degree now (not sure in what) an
  • Dream: Exelia's Strange Adventures
    First of all, I spent this entire dream not as myself, but as Exelia Antonov , the character I play in the MMO Final Fantasy XIV . I guess this dream kind of took place in
  • Too Crazy To Make Up
    So I've gone into before how I seem to remember my dreams a lot more than other people do. And because of it I can share them a lot more often, which tends to get people w
  • The Water
    It was just about time. The man stood in the darkened room, waiting patiently for the last person to arrive. Behind him was his associate, Air, standing next to the young
  • The Air
    The woman walked slowly into the bleak, concrete room, and flopped down on a ragged, worn out couch. The ruse was beginning to wear on her, and she didn't know how much lo
  • The Earth
    The young woman sat up, carefully, and looked around. There was dim light coming in through a crack in the wall near the ceiling, but she couldn't tell from it whether it
  • The Fire
    The young man fumbled with his keys, struggling to find the right one that would open his door and let him in to his apartment. He longed to be inside, where he could at l
  • Off Days
    Now, that's not to say that I can remember every dream, just a lot more often than normal. Sometimes there just isn't any way to get anything, for one reason or another. Y
  • Burnin' Down The House
    This one I'm finding harder to remember to put together into words, or at least trying to remember the order. At one point, I was at my parent's house and there was someon
  • The Island
    In the last dream of the night, I dreamed that I was on some small island as part of a tourist group, and while I was in a bathroom, a crazed madman named Jason Vorhees (b
  • Serial Cereal
    At the moment, I'm up one hour earlier than my alarm clock is set for, and two hours earlier than I would usually be awake. Earlier in the night, I had some sort of dream
  • Dream Journal Week
    I think I'll spend this week posting a dream journal, just talking about what I dream about each morning. From what other people seem to tell me, I tend to dream a lot mor
  • Incorrect History
    Time is what we make of it. The past is how we recorded it. We cannot prove, after all, that the past exists, we only have the relics left from it. If it is not recorded,
  • Plug and Play
    Neon Genesis Evangelion . Battle Royale . The Path . Dokapon Kingdom . Very much unrelated to each other. Yet there is no border, no distinction, in the realm of the subco
  • Progressive Conciousness
    Generally, when you dream, you tend to only remember the last dream you had, because your mind recycles any of the earlier ones. However, if you are awakened, and awakened
  • Drug Induced
    When I was little, I was diagnosed with ADHD. I had taken several different prescriptions for it, up until about 8th grade where I more or less just quit and managed it wi
  • Weird Dream
    As I've mentioned several times in the past, I get a lot of my ideas from various dreams. I haven't really had many dreams lately that were very interesting, so I could re
  • Subcon
    It may just be my body protesting against my training schedule, but I doubt it, because this has been going on much longer than that. This started after the change over to
  • Proper Documentation
    I don't like to forget things. Anyone who's a regular around Notebook Forums should know that I'm a frequent poster, and the member with the highest post count. Anyone who

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