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Too Crazy To Make Up

So I've gone into before how I seem to remember my dreams a lot more than other people do. And because of it I can share them a lot more often, which tends to get people wondering if I experiment with drugs and such. No, I don't, I can safely say, I just dream a lot of crazy stuff. Less often I get accused of just making things up, but frankly, a lot of this stuff is just too out there to make up. Now, usually the longer dreams I can remember have a storyline that can be used by me in things, so I don't share them, but sometimes I have long dreams that have no value to me storyline wise, they're just too strange to be of value other than amusement. Last night was one such dream. 

So the dream started out with me wanting to go explore the ruins of an ancient Japanese castle, which was in the mountains to the north west of where i was when it started, but my starting point was against faces that were too steep to climb, so I had to approach it from a different angle. So, after dealing something with a cat trying to poop in my shoes instead of a litter box there, I set out to the northeast, to head up and circle around and approach it from further north. I ended up coming to this theme park that was styled after YouTube celebrities and memes, and got distracted there for a while.

After finally getting out of YouTube land, I ran into a couple friends of mine, who also heard of the castle and heard rumor that they could each get some of some secret treasure there. I didn't believe them, nor care about treasure because I wanted to go there just for the exploration, but I decided to get back on course together with them. At that point we had to go through a bunch of residential neighborhoods that didn't have cross roads, and so had to cut through people's yards. One of the yards we ended up cutting through proved to belong to Charles Schultz's wife, and she brought us into her house to show us some things. As we were leaving a cuckoo clock on her wall began to go off, and she started complaining that it happened all the time, so I took a minute to stop to fix the clock.

While I did my friends ditched me and continued on, leaving me alone again when I left. She was glad I fixed the clock, and so gave me some rare work by Charles in gratitude that she had there. I continued on cutting through some more yards, then coming to the house of Alan Thicke, who invited me in. It turned out he apparently had started taking culinary traning after the turn of the century, and so he invited me to join he and his wife for dinner to try some new dish he came up with, while we all sat talking about movies and TV shows he did in the 90s. I then left and continued on, where yet again I was stopped by someone, who turned out to be some other childrens book author (couldn't remember who that one is), who asked me for some other help and gave me a loaf of french bread for my trouble. 

Once I finally got out of the neighborhoods, I started coming across convenience stores and a Wal-mart, and a smaller outpost version of the castle I was going to see, where I came across some of the Pokemon players local to SLC doing stuff. I called up my friend on my cell phone to complain about them ditching me, and he was saying something about not making it to the castle and he was flying through the air, and then had to go. Not sure what he meant, I continued on now that I was to the mountains, and hiked up to where the castle was.

When I finally got there, it turned out the castle wasn't abandoned at all, but was still very much occupied, and there was a rickety wooden bridge leading out to it over a hole that was disguised as the ground. As I started heading out to it I ran into Keine Kamishirasawa and Fujiwara no Mokou there, as well as some priest guarding the way to the path in the middle of the bridge. As I started walking across it Keine ran off yelling at someone else, and so I ignored her and spoke to the priest. The priest explained that the castle was only accessible to those with good intentions, and my friends would have been disqualified, but since I had no care for the rumors of the treasure and just wanted to explore it for the ruins themselves, and had proof of my good works in the form of the bread and memorobilia I had gotten from my earlier visits, that I was deemed acceptible to visit it and could continue passing. At that point Mokou came up to me to tell me something, but before she could start my alarm clock went off and I woke up.

As I sad, too crazy to make up.

Date posted: 07 09 11 - 17:30
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