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NaNoWriMo Update 2: Keeping Up

Oh right, I was going to try and post an update the other day, but the site was acting funky and I didn't have the time. And I never did post the link to the public share of the document on here (I did post it on Twitter, here it is).  Nearly done with it, still don't have a proper title for the story, just still called the "Third Tier Story". But it is what it is, and what it is now is a much more clear sci-fi story then I was playing it up to the halfway point.

I mentioned last time that as of that point I had planned it up to the halfway point. Once I got to that halfway point, though, it was back to playing it by the seat of my pants, up until Sunday. On Sunday, planning out this last week, I was able to finally plan out where I wanted the last four updates to go (to finish Thursday because I have things to do on Friday), and so most of the last half was once again spur of the moment. Honestly I don't like writing that way because it ends up reading like a screenplay and you can't clearly picture the scenario I'm trying to show. But for this story I've just had to deal with it the whole time, because I did not plan this story ahead. It's all being done live, and so I haven't had enough time to think ahead of time how to portray it clearly.

So here it stands, a fifty thousand word book that's probably not that easy to follow. At some point when I decide to do something more with it heavy revising would be necessary, and it would probably grow to at least half-again that size to double or more in size. When would that happen? Who knows. Probably some distant time where I would have to read the whole thing entirely again to even remember what I wrote, because right now, where I'm not thinking of it first then writing it down afterward, the full details of what's been happening have sure been having a difficult time sticking in my head.

Date posted: 27 November, 2012
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