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  • NaNoWriMo IV: It's That Time Again
    Yep, it's that time again. NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow, and with it another novel to be written. This year my idea started from something I'd wanted to see and haven't reall
  • NaNoWriMo III: What Happened To NaNoWriMo II?
    Well it's been a while since I've written anything on here, much longer than it should have been. It's NaNoWriMo time once again, and time to write a novel once again. Thi
  • Post-NaNoWriMo Thougts
    So I was able to do it, I finished the book on time, ringing in at just under 52K words. Where to go from here? I dunno. One of the winner offers is for five free paperbac
  • NaNoWriMo Update 2: Keeping Up
    Oh right, I was going to try and post an update the other day, but the site was acting funky and I didn't have the time. And I never did post the link to the public share
  • NaNoWriMo Update 1: Aimless?
    So to actually post an update on what I've got going on for NaNoWriMo. I'm below par right now, having fully missed two days and getting well under par a third day because
  • Let's Try This Again
    Oh hey look, now it's actual NaNoWriMo time. And since trying to do personal NaNoWriMo  failed so spectacularly , I didn't ever get work done on The Wristwatch. And with W
  • So, Writing A Novel
    So as I mentioned before , I'm going to spend this month writing a novel since I'm traveling around a bunch. Simply because its easier to do that then to try and focus on
  • Reboot
    So it's been a while. A long while. Six months in fact since I last posted on here. Not dead, obviously, given how active I've been on Twitter. But this had been put on th
  • The Pedestal
    The Bearer continued to laugh, as he held up the remote toward the wall and pressed another button. The walls came to life, revealing many large television screens, some o
  • The Cube
    The man held forward the cube, the side for Earth facing them, and the symbol began to glow. They all looked at Earth, as suddenly glowing bands appeared around her wrist,
  • The Bearer
    The car raced loud, wild, down the highway through the dead of night, as they hurried franticly to their destination. The meeting between the four had been, she thought, a
  • The Water
    It was just about time. The man stood in the darkened room, waiting patiently for the last person to arrive. Behind him was his associate, Air, standing next to the young
  • The Air
    The woman walked slowly into the bleak, concrete room, and flopped down on a ragged, worn out couch. The ruse was beginning to wear on her, and she didn't know how much lo
  • Say What Again
    So is the fact that the RSS keeps refreshing and reposting on my Facebook and Google Reader supposed to be a subtle hint from the site that I need to post more? I mean ser
  • The Earth
    The young woman sat up, carefully, and looked around. There was dim light coming in through a crack in the wall near the ceiling, but she couldn't tell from it whether it
  • The Fire
    The young man fumbled with his keys, struggling to find the right one that would open his door and let him in to his apartment. He longed to be inside, where he could at l
  • Grimoire of ---
    He didn't believe her, of course. How could he? She knew that what she was telling him was so outrageous, so fantastic, and nowhere near the realm of believability compare
  • Layout Alteration
    Did some changes to the templates to make things more cluttered. Now the sidebar has just the links to everything in the "Regular Spelling" chapter, which is the Text Adve
  • Cluttered
    I think I need to figure out some other way of arranging things, the right sidebar is getting pretty long now with all the entries in the page list now. When I was origina
  • Text Adventure
    Now the Text Adventure Experiment  can truly begin. I have the beginnings of a story, and with that I have something to enter in. I have begun setting up my data structure
  • The Last Short Tale
    Once, there was a country in need of saving. But in saving it, there were casualties. The demon commander. The devil government worker. They had been celebrated as heroes,
  • Another Short Tale
    There once was a woman, an agent of her government, who was asked by the people to protect them from the coming invaders. The people wanted her to take on the powers of th
  • A Short Tale
    There was once a man, a soldier, who wished to lead his country to victory in the face of invaders. The enemy was stronger, faster, and so the man went to make a deal with
  • Text Adventure Inferrment
    So I figured out how to turn the build number into a date in Silverlight, so the next time I update the Text Adventure Experiment it will indicate when it was built by dat
  • Different, For Lack of the Same
    The man worked at his desk Minding his own business The others didn't bother him Because he got the work done He did not need supervision He did not need help Several knew
  • Text Adventure Experiment
    So for, I dunno, a week or so, I've had an entry in the page list called " Text Adventure Experiment ". I created it upon a whim, because I wanted to experiment with a tex
  • Different Again
    I stand here, ever watching Watching in the forest of dreams The life here, the trees here They know me well For me, they bring me songs Songs of the sky And the birds tha
  • Unbalanced Load
    I started using Google Analytics a while back to track visit information for this site, because my server logs and AdSense report very different things. And Analytics does
  • The Pocketwatch
    I haven't really said much lately, because things have been relatively uneventful. The main necessary functions of the NPC scripting engine for Spiral Island are nearly co
  • The Bard sRc
    To bring everything to head, we'll recap the story so far. Ever since I started on the internet, all the way back in '97, I was known by the alias "The Anaconda". But, rec
  • Continually Different
    I stand here, watching the man He cannot see me, But this is the only place we exist together He is telling of his past, of the place he works His desk was a store, That r
  • Cloudy
    I've spent most of today working on cleaning up the site. I went through all the entries and fixed the bad characters from the Unicode conversion, and the dead links cause
  • New Alexandria
    What if the world were to end tomorrow? It doesn't really matter how , that's not important. It could be neutron bombs, it could be a pandemic disease, but for whatever re
  • Finite Infinity - Delayed Reaction
    It's been two weeks now since I upgraded to PivotX. It's worked well, and I'm really digging the Page function. However I had forgotten one of the first things I had wante
  • Red Ice
    Okay, now I think I have everything stable in my configuration, and all my templates are uniform. Everything seems to be moving smooth, so time to roll forward. I'll have
  • Template Trouble
    Now I've updated the site to PivotX. However, some things are not acting the same way as they were in my test environment. I'm not sure what is going on, exactly, and I'll
  • Facebook Integration
    This isn't really going to be much, mainly what I want to do with this post is test how Facebook handles RSS feeds from other blogs, to see what it looks like. So I guess
  • Polishing Work
    So at this point I guess PivotX is actually basically stable, but its not a final release yet just because the developers haven't finished up the new site or documentation
  • Windows Seven
    Just a short post right now, at the moment I'm working with the Windows 7 Beta, and decided to try out Windows Live Writer for posting to the blog. I'm not really sure if
  • Do You Want To Delete?
    Whoops, accidentally deleted the most recent entry while trying to fix a spam issue. Good thing I could go back and copy and paste it again.
  • Archival
    What if the world were to end tomorrow? What if everyone suddenly died from some mysterious thing, and there was nothing left. There wouldn't be any point in talking about
  • Spam Overload
    Good mercy, am I glad the spam filters on here work, because I just happened to look at the spam log trying to find where these referrals from some outdoors website forum
  • Communication Failure
    I've pretty much gotten to the point where I don't really care about my spelling in Messenger anymore. It has become riddled with mistakes, such as "sining", "secinds", "c
  • Something Different (Continued)
    The roads forced him down a new path A path he didn't normally travel Yet, As he went along the road, something was familiar. He knew that building there He knew that curv
  • Month Removed
    Apparently, according to the archive list on the side of the page, the month of July did not exist. I am not sure yet of the full implications of this. Ahh there we go, a
  • Gone, But Not
    The song echoed through his mind He hadn't known him that well, But the memories of others soon rose It all began to blur together, Until it mattered not how well he was k
  • Proper Documentation
    I don't like to forget things. Anyone who's a regular around Notebook Forums should know that I'm a frequent poster, and the member with the highest post count. Anyone who
  • Something Different
    Here I stand at the crossroads I can see the four winds The wind of the north, bringing a chill on it's breath The wind of the east, with the stories of the travelers The
  • A Wrong Turn, Somewhere...
    So, after I created this site, I altered my MSN title to contain information about it. I changed it to "The Anaconda -" Except replace "RegularSpelling
  • Regular Spelling Dot Com
    So here it is, This is my personal blog, and I'm going to comment on language here. Not just English, and not just human languages either. A little ab

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