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Dream: Life Reruns

I had a dream last night that I met up with a friend of mine from elementary school, whatever she had done with her life she had a Masters degree now (not sure in what) and was living well. Then something happened, not sure what, which reverted us back to being kids in 3rd grade, back in time to 1993. We still had all our regular knowledge, though. There didn't seem to be any way to reverse our predicament, so we had to ride it out.

We had to work carefully to avoid being perceived as hypergeniuses (being two 8 year olds with the minds of adults that were very knowledgeable in advanced fields and extensive knowledge of the future), but we couldn't avoid things like becoming the best students in our grade still. In secret we still did stuff in our fields (and like I was working on a new sci-fi novel) and were trading floppy disks back and forth with stuff written up. We didn't want to radically change history and draw huge attention to ourselves for fear of media or government radically interrupting our lives for our "super-brains", but we did intend to quitely invest in the stock market in places that needed to be put in to get us a good amount of money for when we graduated high shcool again and became adults again.

Date posted: 14 October, 2013
Tags: dream
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