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NaNoWriMo III: What Happened To NaNoWriMo II?

Well it's been a while since I've written anything on here, much longer than it should have been. It's NaNoWriMo time once again, and time to write a novel once again. This will be the third time I participate in this. But it turns out I wrote nothing when I did it last year, so what happened then? 

Well last year I was busy with a contract during November as well, so any time I wasn't spending writing was spent programming that, so apparently it just slipped my mind right after that. Last year's novel was a new original story and not in any of my existing storylines, and when I hit the goal I was only 2/3 of the way done with the story I had come up with. But since I was in the middle of contract work at the time once I hit the goal I pretty much had to stop, and after that I lost my stride and haven't really been able to figure out where I want to go with it to finish the story. Once I do I want to really look at cleaning that up and getting it published, because I think that one has so much more potential being standalone then what I worte the year before being part of a larger story, so that's what I want to work on after this month. But that's then.

As for now, what I'm writing this year is a side story in the middle of one of my main storylines, titled tentativley Project "James And Exelia Go On Vacation" because I suck at coming up with titles until later on. It's basically a workup of a few various ideas I've had pop into my head over the last year or two mostly as I've been playing Final Fantasy XIV, since I'm known to make up random fake lore on the spot to other players in my Free Company in the game to explain things in the game. A culimnation and reworking of the fake lore items I've come up with peiced together to tell their own story, which if you were familiar with XIV you migth recognize where some of it was inspired from, but if I hadn't told you beforehand you probably wouldn't. But either way this one necssarily won't be published in this form anyway, because it's being written as a standalone work and would have to be heavily edited later as I wrote other works around it so everything would line up correctly. 

Aside from that, there's more work that I need to get around to doing on this site, of course. The Twitter feed's been broken ever since the 1.0 API cutoff was done, and I don't think it even works anymore. There's a few pending articles I started and never finished, I was going to dump an archive of old dream journal things I recoverd from NotebookForums when it shut down earlier this year but haven't yet, and there's an article I want to write thats actually on topic of what the original theme of this blog was (which I haven't written much on topic for quite a while, really), but that's based on a TV show I've been watching, which actually ended a while back and I don't want people to spoil the ending for me by saying what show it is, so that will come up later. Also, I've been working on a text adventure again, which I'll be hosting on this site, which I'll go into more in December when I get back to working on it more. 

Date posted: 01 November, 2014
Tags: nanowrimo regularspelling writing
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