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NaNoWriMo IV: Week 1 Report

End of week one for NaNoWriMo. My word count for the end of Friday was 11613 words, which is ahead of the NaNoWriMo goal, but behind my own goal of 75k words, which I settled on last year after beating the 50k goal last year and deciding I like the size and page count of the printed copies of last year after I typeset them based on the 75k range. So that's what my goal is for actual completed works now, at least as far as any I plan on self-publishing (which will be anything related to the unverse I've built for games and writing peices already), at least 75k words. That leads out to a goal of 2500 words a day, rather than the 1667 goal of NaNoWriMo itself.

As far as this week went for getting it done, every day that I did have the time to sit and work on it I was able to reach the goal fine. Wednesday I missed entirely, because I had to run all over everwhere in the evening looking for new shoes (which don't even fit right and I have to go return today). Friday I had to run someone across the valley late in the evening so got home with very little time to write, and spent a lot of that just dinking around on the internet instead of starting writing, so that was my fault. I got my pace finally and got to writing, but only had hit 1608 words by the time midnight rolled around so I had to cut it off at that point.

In order to catch up this wekeend, including the regular writing amounts needed for this weekend, I need to write an average of 4200 words a day between today and tomorrow. Luckily I don't really have much I need to do otherwise this weekend so can dedicate a fair amount of time, so I should be able to do it fine. I need to try to get another movie review section posted today too since it's been a while, which I've started outlining but haven't actually written the comments on yet.

Date posted: 07 November, 2015
Tags: nanowrimo spiral_island writing
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