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NaNoWriMo IV: Week 2 Report

End of the second week, end of Saturday this time, and I'm behind once again. I was able to catch up Sunday, and stay caught up on Monday, but then Tuesday happened. And eveyrone knows that Tuesday was Fallout day...

Except I didn't play Fallout yet. I won't have time to for a while still. However, also this week was the release of the next major update to FFXIV, and that's what made me fall behind, playing new content to get the latest updates to the story. Tuesday I did no writing at all, and Wednesday and Thursday I didn't get my goal amount done. Friday I got hardly any done. Today I wrote over 6700 words, being able to go to a NaNoWriMo write-in today, meaning to catch up to goal I'll have to write just 4300 words tomorrow. Since I'm not hosting a tournament tomorrow that will be much easier to accomplish.

Now its very late, and I'm tired.

Date posted: 14 November, 2015
Tags: nanowrimo writing
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