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Haven't had time today or yesterday to work on a new entry, so I thought I'd just put a quick summary instead.

Yesterday I was in training until late in the night, and because I started later I went and saw Hot Fuzz earlier in the day. Today I've got family in town for my sister's graduation tomorrow, so I was out to dinner all night. I have been working for the last week on an update to the story hosted on Pokegym, which I plan on having ready and updated on Tuesday, coinciding with the release of When They Cry ~ Higurashi on DVD that day, as I found a way of using that location as the setting for that update. After that I'll talk some about writing styles, and start bringing my other works over from the AnacondaSoftware site to here (a place better suited towards my own personal writing).

If I get the chance, I'll probably make an entry tomorrow about spelling mistakes, as that's what I've got in my mind right now. I've gotten to the point where I don't really care about spelling things in casual chatting, particularly about correcting errors caused by hitting the wrong keys. So I'll collect those that I do throughout tomorrow, and give some further commentary about them and my way of typing.

Date posted: 31 May, 2007
Tags: anime movies personal
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