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  • Eliza’s Notes - 08: Age of Regression
    Oddly enough, in a way the present day seems the most like  Ildios  to me.   Not exactly like it, of course. We were more advanced than the way the world is right now thro
  • Eliza’s Notes - 07: Age of Enmity
    The idyllic society we have been living in was bound to fall sooner or later. Human nature is far too dark to keep such a peaceful society forever, after all. As soon as c
  • Eliza's Notes - 06: Age of Artifice
    All our predictions were off. The future looks very different then we imagined it would be long ago. I was betting on the crystal usage granting everyone access to all of
  • Eliza’s Notes - 05: Age of Attunement
    In the ancient creation myths of people of my society, it was said that the gods came from the sun, created the vastness of the world, and then returned once more to their
  • Eliza’s Notes - 04: Age of Revolution
    It took quite some time, but society was finally able to recover from the damage it did to itself after the volcano. Another ten generations of kings since Rorozak V, and
  • Eliza’s Notes - 02: Age of Flight
    Now seems to be a good point to declare that we are in a new age. We will call this one the age of flight. Back on Aughylia, flight was possible with magic, but rarely don
  • 2016: The Year I Write 7 Books
    It's been four years now since I started doing NaNoWriMo. In that time I've written five books. Three which were completed, two which were not, and one of which was writte
  • Eliza’s Notes - 01: Age of Sorrow
    A time of great mourning. The people are filled with sorrow. The end of an era has now come to pass. The final colonist to survive, Hellen, has died. She outlived everyone
  • Eliza’s Notes - 00: Eliza’s Notes
    People are born. People age. People grow old. People die. That is the natural order of things. Perhaps that is why I am now here. Why I am still here. Why I did not die. I

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