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2016: The Year I Write 7 Books

It's been four years now since I started doing NaNoWriMo. In that time I've written five books. Three which were completed, two which were not, and one of which was written outside of the actual November period. And while they've only been read by people who know me personally, I do intend on getting them published and available for the public to purchase. A Much Needed Vacation, the one I wrote in 2014 has been undergoing continual editing, and hopefully be good enough to go sometime this year, the other two complete ones aren't long enough so will need some more writing to them, and the two incomplete ones I intend to complete and possibly look at submitting to publisher. 

But even with those five books all or mostly written, I've started a lot more books that have very little done to them. Some just outlines, some a few chapters were written. I've got such a huge backlog of things I've already started that it would take a drastic step to catch up on it all. And so that's what I'm going to do. Take that drastic step. And write them all in NaNoWriMo-like blitzes. Every even month this year I'll hit a book from the backlog, as well as November itself. The three books of the Spiral Island trilogy, the sequel story to The Pocketwatch, all of the rest of Red Ice, and two more books in the same universe of Spiral Island that are in particular related to Vacation, which together with the miniseries Eliza's Notes which will be posted over the year will complete that arc of that story. That's almost everything that's currently on my backlog, the only remaining thing being the text adventure I've been working on, which I was going to do December but shelved it when I realized there was a lot more content then could be written out in a single book and I didn't want to wait a year to get back to novelizing it since I had everything else scheduled.

And so that's the plan. Seven months, seven novels. The off months will be for other software development, and try to get some kind of game work done, but for this year I plan on mind dumping into written pages. 

I still have to wonder if it still counts as a novelization of a video game if the book version ends up coming out before the game does...

Date posted: 17 January, 2016
Tags: elizas_notes novels red_ice spiral_island the_grand_game the_pocketwatch writing
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