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5 year High School reunion in an hour or so. I had meant to get a couple other entries in between the Spiral Island introduction posts, but my tasks this week at work prevented me from having the time to sit down and write some other ones, and I've spent my time at home either trying to get the map editor I am working on for the game to function properly or playing Metal Gear Solid 3 (though at the moment I made the mistake of fighting during the fight with The End, so I have to wait until he dies to continue playing). I have started a couple of articles and have them on hold, I'll complete them as I can.

There's one more article from the first set, scheduled to be released late this evening. I actually wrote these first three articles on Spiral Island all at the same time, with timed releases for the future. As I start getting more work done on the actual copy of the game for the XBOX and show progress work on the forums and the devblog, I will talk some more about the game here.

Date posted: 02 August, 2008
Tags: personal spiral_island video_games
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