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  • Dream: Exelia's Strange Adventures
    First of all, I spent this entire dream not as myself, but as Exelia Antonov , the character I play in the MMO Final Fantasy XIV . I guess this dream kind of took place in
  • The Mystery Of Code
    Some people that know me know that I like to read creepy stories. Particularly, the "creepypasta", as its called, thats born of the internet for forums and mailings thats
  • Magic and Science
    Clarke's Third Law : Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Niven's Converse :  Any sufficiently rigorously defined magic is indistinguishab
  • Text Adventure
    Now the Text Adventure Experiment  can truly begin. I have the beginnings of a story, and with that I have something to enter in. I have begun setting up my data structure
  • Text Adventure Inferrment
    So I figured out how to turn the build number into a date in Silverlight, so the next time I update the Text Adventure Experiment it will indicate when it was built by dat
  • Text Adventure Experiment
    So for, I dunno, a week or so, I've had an entry in the page list called " Text Adventure Experiment ". I created it upon a whim, because I wanted to experiment with a tex
  • Missed Block
    Okay, so apparently, I missed actually adding the last part of The Pocketwatch I had written. So there are two new parts now, Revealing  and Bait and Switch . I had finish
  • Charitable Music
    Not much to update about right now, just wanted to say that anyone with an XBox 360 should get the Live Arcade game Chime , a rather addicting music puzzle game. But mostl
  • Infinite Vision
    I have a vision. A vision of a game made of entirely vector graphics. A game that will look as crisp at a resolution of 3840 x 2400 pixels as it does at 800 x 600, all wit
  • Never Again Open This
    I keep a folder with all (well, almost all ) of my writings over the years. It's a simple migration of the default WordPerfect document folder, named MyFiles, even though
  • Power Ballad
    So this week Brütal Legend came out. It's a combination of Adventure and RTS elements in a sandbox environment, gameplay wise, starring actor and comedian Jack Black. But,
  • On The Road Again
    I will be leaving shortly, heading to San Diego for the next week. We will be driving there this time around, so it will be a long road trip to southern Utah and then thro
  • Project Shovel
    Then again, I could always change my mind. It really was time I got the renewed AnacondaSoftware site uploaded, since it had been sitting pretty much done for a month now.
  • Split Minds
    Well, the AC still isn't fixed, but it is somewhat cooler today outside so the temperature's not so bad. I was going to go work from the library, but I woke up too late to
  • People are Deaf
    While I didn't know that it was a Yamaha product until today, I've known about Vocaloid  for a long time. It wasn't anything made with it that first brought it to my atten
  • The Bard sRc
    To bring everything to head, we'll recap the story so far. Ever since I started on the internet, all the way back in '97, I was known by the alias "The Anaconda". But, rec
  • Windows 7 RC
    Now the Windows 7 Release Candidate is out for public consumption. I decided that I would install this one on my desktop as well, utilizing 80 GB I have laying around doin
  • The End of History
    So Yahoo has announced that they are pulling the plug on GeoCities, one of the earliest free web hosting sites on the internet. It's been years, and fallen by the wayside,
  • Plug and Play
    Neon Genesis Evangelion . Battle Royale . The Path . Dokapon Kingdom . Very much unrelated to each other. Yet there is no border, no distinction, in the realm of the subco
  • Failed Plans
    I had mentioned at the beginning of the month I was going to try and focus on Skewed this month. Unfortunately I couldn't get into the groove of working on that, and inste
  • High Latency
    So so far I haven't done any work on Skewed except for one half of a fairly large part, so I'm going to have to get more squared away. This can be directly attributed to t
  • Drug Induced
    When I was little, I was diagnosed with ADHD. I had taken several different prescriptions for it, up until about 8th grade where I more or less just quit and managed it wi
  • Dawn Over a New World
    I'm rather amused that I managed to come up with 3 different arcticles named in the format of the Holders series in such a short span of time. That was an unexpected arran
  • Third Watch
    I haven't had much to put on here lately. I got moved to graveyard shift at work, so now I'm here late where it's relatively slow. I have tried filling the time doing some
  • Rotating Cycle
    I've been considering getting back into Magic: The Gathering lately. Just for casual play, I wouldn't want to try to do anything more together with how involved I am in th
  • Signs of Progress
    I am a prototype junkie. I love work in progress. I love demo tapes for music, early shots of movies or TV shows, and test builds and betas of video games and other softwa
  • Educational Game?
    Every so often I get the urge to find an old game series I had played at my elementary school. The name of the series was something like "Twist-a-plots" or "Twist-a-plotz"
  • Reunion
    5 year High School reunion in an hour or so. I had meant to get a couple other entries in between the Spiral Island introduction posts, but my tasks this week at work prev
  • Citation Needed
    One of the benefits of Wikipedia is that it can be edited by anyone. This is one of the major arguments about it, of course, and can cause a lot of troubles, however, it a
  • Cross References
    If you have read my story Skewed , then you probably have seen in it that I like to make references, because I'm having a lot of fun writing this story, and all the rules
  • Something From Nothing
    It's been a while since I last updated Skewed . While this should come as no surprise given my promptness on this so far, there have been some factors that have actually c
  • Somewhat Neglected
    Yeah its been a while since I last updated. I've been containing my impatience while waiting for my new notebook to be built and shipped to me, and then taking it through
  • Blogotubes
    It is now the end of the year, and so its time to reflect over the last year, and make new year resolutions. One thing I have noticed over the last year is my changing in
  • Otherland
    I think I'll switch gears for a minute, and talk about the books I'm currently reading, the Otherland series by Tad Williams. As I've mentioned before, I am a fan of the .
  • Crawling
    So over the weekend I traded off with my mom staying with my brother up at the hospital. I brought my notebook with me, and planned on remoting in to my machine at home to
  • Internet Speak
    Since I was first introduced to it, I've been a big fan of the .hack series. For those not familiar with it, at its core it is a series of video games for the PS2, with st
  • Pronunciation Sandwich
    GameTrailers has been doing retrospectives of the Final Fantasy series over the last month or so, from the beginning. I haven't seen the last couple that came out while I

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