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Packing Up

Last entry before I go to Florida. Just finishing moving over the work I need to my notebook, and then I will pack up everything.

I'm sitting here rather amused as I do it. Because of current regulations, I can't carry my spare battery open in my notebook bag. So I have it wrapped in a bread bag that will sit in my notebook bag, so it fulfills spare battery regulations.

I don't just lounge around when I vacation, or I get stir crazy. I have to be doing something at all times. On vacations I will be staying somewhere with electricity, I bring my notebook to work on things, at times such as when I'm camping I bring a bunch of paper and writing utensils to work. Here for this trip I'll have my notebook, with my documents and my Spiral Island map editor to work on. I have over a four hour flight each way so it will for sure be torture without something to do. I'll be working on Skewed, the script for Spiral Island, and whatever else I feel like when I am bored.

Date posted: 08 August, 2008
Tags: personal programming travel
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