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Third Shift

Our flights start leaving early tomorrow morning, so we have to be to the airport early. I decided to just stay up and sleep on the flight, so I'm going to be here for the next few hours until we leave. It's currently 1:30 here in Florida, so overall I probably wouldn't be asleep yet if I were at home. I'm behind on the work I planned on doing this trip, though that was because I got stuck with a problem for this map editor that took me a long time to solve. I had planned on starting making some maps for Spiral Island, and getting up an update for Skewed while I was here. I've also realized in the process of the week that my Japanese is continuing to slip, so I need to start studying the language again.

While reading through some old posts on Notebook Forums last week, I remembered a story I want to write, but had forgotten about because I never wrote any cornerstone fragments to remind myself of the whole thing. Once PivotX goes final that will probably be the first short story I will write and host on here. But so far this month there hasn't been any new updates to PivotX, so who knows how long off it will be.

At the moment I need to go to get another soda to drink so I can stay awake. When I get back I will be working on an entry that I've tried starting a couple times this last week but never had the time to do when I have actually sat down to write it. I won't be posting it this late hour, because I'm going to want to read over it when I am well rested, but I'll get it out now at least since I don't have much else to do.

Date posted: 17 August, 2008
Tags: internet japanese travel website_design writing
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