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Google owns the internet.

But we already knew that. Google has become synonymous with "search". Google has a plethora of tools for getting stuff done. Google Toolbar has built in bookmarks for accessing things anywhere, a built in spell check (which is greatly needed by many people). Personalized Google (excuse me, iGoogle) gives you all sorts of things to make the information you want easy to access. It's even got a utility for managing your files, easy to find them too. And to think they started as just a simple keyword search based engine.

Which they still are, at the core. And its interesting to see some of the hits that come off the site, which are passed when you click on a link for statistic logging software, like AWStats, to log. Which means, every so often you get some interesting, and sometimes perplexing hits from the search results.

Around AnacondaSoftware I get some interesting hits. One more recent hit thats perplexed me is "i think everyone hates me disorder". I mean, what kind of search is that? And, does that really qualify as a disorder? That sounds more like just a low self-esteem problem, and a shallow perception of what other people think of you.

Sometimes it puts together unrelated discussions to form a hit, which isn't necessarily a useful hit, such as a discussion about Skype and a photoshop of Cubia from .hack I did out of boredom linking together in the search term "skype system recovered from serious error". Other times my discussions of news when it first comes out caused a number of hits, like when .hack GU was first announced and pictures of it started to roll out. Other interesting hits I've gotten over the course of the last few years have been related to computers I own, or other things I own which I've talked about either on the main site or on the forum. Among the ones which make less sense how they could link to there, or rather why people would follow results to there, are: "mack jagger and new girlfriend", "rumours spread faster", "how do endospores help humanity", "karp the killing fish grrr", and "tunnel boaring machines gallery".

The DevBlog gets very little search result logs, but a lot of traffic. I've discussed this there with numbers, and I'll post more numbers about that in the future so I won't discuss it here. This blog is rather new, so there's little in the logs that link here, mostly just the terms "regular spelling", and one hit for "name spelling of daniel". All in all, its quite an intriguing thing to see the kinds of links a machine makes in our language.

But for the person who went all the way to page five of the Google search to find this site using the search term "1995 mercury sable gs speedometer problems": Hope you get your problem taken care of, I really like my Sables.

Date posted: 12 June, 2007
Tags: internet spelling website_design
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