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  • Reboot
    So it's been a while. A long while. Six months in fact since I last posted on here. Not dead, obviously, given how active I've been on Twitter. But this had been put on th
  • Layout Alteration
    Did some changes to the templates to make things more cluttered. Now the sidebar has just the links to everything in the "Regular Spelling" chapter, which is the Text Adve
  • Cluttered
    I think I need to figure out some other way of arranging things, the right sidebar is getting pretty long now with all the entries in the page list now. When I was origina
  • Text Adventure Experiment
    So for, I dunno, a week or so, I've had an entry in the page list called " Text Adventure Experiment ". I created it upon a whim, because I wanted to experiment with a tex
  • Frozen History
    Now, I could have sworn that I wrote an entry about the closing of GeoCities, because I distinctly remember doing it.... Oh nevermind, that was done a lot further back  th
  • Unbalanced Load
    I started using Google Analytics a while back to track visit information for this site, because my server logs and AdSense report very different things. And Analytics does
  • Project Shovel
    Then again, I could always change my mind. It really was time I got the renewed AnacondaSoftware site uploaded, since it had been sitting pretty much done for a month now.
  • Browser Shifts
    I usually use IE8 on my notebook. It's a decent browser, and much better than the dark days of IE6. Despite some unwarranted MS hate from people, it serves well for using
  • Clean Code
    While I wait for this function I just added to my map editor to finish I'll drop in here. Over the weekend I cleaned up all the code so this site is valid XHTML, and got m
  • Cloudy
    I've spent most of today working on cleaning up the site. I went through all the entries and fixed the bad characters from the Unicode conversion, and the dead links cause
  • The Story So Far
    So I realize, as I'm writing up the script for Spiral Island, that there's a LOT more to what's going on then what is presented in-game. Granted, one of my main points for
  • The End of History
    So Yahoo has announced that they are pulling the plug on GeoCities, one of the earliest free web hosting sites on the internet. It's been years, and fallen by the wayside,
  • Template Trouble
    Now I've updated the site to PivotX. However, some things are not acting the same way as they were in my test environment. I'm not sure what is going on, exactly, and I'll
  • Transparent Alignment
    Continuing on with my last post about transparency, I am currently working on revamping the AnacondaSoftware website, with a new design that will unify the main site, the
  • Transparency
    Years ago, when I was doing more web design, and was employed doing it as well, the internet was stagnated. IE6 was the norm, and so things were very non-standard, and hac
  • Polishing Work
    So at this point I guess PivotX is actually basically stable, but its not a final release yet just because the developers haven't finished up the new site or documentation
  • Traffic Spike
    I try to keep track of traffic on my sites. I regularly check the logs at the end of the month to see what sort of search results there were and if I have abnormal bandwid
  • Renewed Resolve
    So it's the end of the year again, once again time to reflect on the past year and make resolutions for the next. Overall the biggest shift for the last year of course is
  • High Latency
    So so far I haven't done any work on Skewed except for one half of a fairly large part, so I'm going to have to get more squared away. This can be directly attributed to t
  • Do You Want To Delete?
    Whoops, accidentally deleted the most recent entry while trying to fix a spam issue. Good thing I could go back and copy and paste it again.
  • Finite Infinity - Final Thoughts
    So that wraps up everything for the Ties to Infinity story. When PivotX final is released I'll put up some of the written portions I have in my two documents on here, but
  • Third Shift
    Our flights start leaving early tomorrow morning, so we have to be to the airport early. I decided to just stay up and sleep on the flight, so I'm going to be here for the
  • DNS Unavailable
    When I first started Skewed, I mentioned in the backstory about how in the midst of the initial infection, the internet was quickly destroyed. I brought up mention of this
  • Small World, Small Internet
    A few months ago, I sold one of my domain names. I had an offer to sell it for a rather impressive sum, being that it was just for the domain name only and not a site purc
  • Return to Normalcy
    Finally done with training, so now I am finally back to a normal work schedule, instead of working until midnight or later. Just to update what I've been up to, I spent mo
  • Communication Failure
    I've pretty much gotten to the point where I don't really care about my spelling in Messenger anymore. It has become riddled with mistakes, such as "sining", "secinds", "c
  • A Little Carried Away
    As I've mentioned before , I use a MediaWiki installation to organize my AnacondaSoftware projects. I'm about to announce a new project on the DevBlog, once a particular m
  • Squandering My Resources
    I received the first renewal notification for this place this morning, meaning it's now been here for nine months. And I've pretty much left it alone recently... Though I
  • Timeless Archive
    One of the unfortunate things about the internet is its ever shifting nature. Allows for always expanding amounts of information, but old information gets lost, possibly f
  • Umm, thanks?
    Usually at the end of each month, I check the statistics for my sites for the previous month. My host has several tools for doing this, but my favorite is AWStats because
  • Evolving
    I don't really have much time, so I'll keep this fairly short for now, and go more into what I had wanted to talk about tomorrow. This blog - and it's older sibling the An
  • Backlog
    Wow, this makes a grand total of three entries on here so far this month, I've been slacking. Not that I haven't been busy, I've been setting up my working environment in
  • Of Few Words
    I haven't really had much to say this week. I had heard a bad play-on-words in a commercial the other day, but forgot about it later. Mostly been busy around home, as my b
  • Month Removed
    Apparently, according to the archive list on the side of the page, the month of July did not exist. I am not sure yet of the full implications of this. Ahh there we go, a
  • Cooldown Period
    Between late training all week, and the fun of replacing a motherboard and then dealing with driver issues after that, this week has been pretty busy. Today in particular,
  • Recommended Misspelling
    Google owns the internet. But we already knew that. Google has become synonymous with "search". Google has a plethora of tools for getting stuff done. Google Toolbar has b
  • Regular Spelling Dot Com
    So here it is, This is my personal blog, and I'm going to comment on language here. Not just English, and not just human languages either. A little ab

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