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Finite Infinity - Triad Rule

Apparently font kerning and leading differences exist between WordPerfect and OpenOffice, because I remember these documents having more pages in the past. I noticed the same thing with Skewed as well when I switched over to OpenOffice, I suddenly had a lot less pages then I did before.

Anyway, setting that aside. In the process of planning out where I wanted to go with Ties to Infinity, I wrote various story fragments to plan out certain things. This was all written in prose, rather then the script format the topic follows, because it allowed me to keep track of descriptions easier. I had two documents, one for the present time of the story itself, and a second for the past. As I was going to introduce at the beginning of the next chapter, as The Anaconda began recovering his memories, he remembered a lot more that was hidden from him before. These older memories were from the past, before the Second Renaissance, where he had originally come from. This second document makes up that, a bridging storyline between the ending of the Chobits series and the war of the Second Reniassance, where the Matrix picked up. I also have some other documents sitting around, one containing a summary of an event that happens in the last chapter, and another one with details on a console interface I invented to be used in the story called TMI (standing for "The Matrix Interface"), based on a random conversation Joe Monkey and I had over MSN Messenger one time.

I've noticed, as I've planned out this story and another work of fanfiction that I planned out in StoryLines but will probably never get around to writing, that my thought process doesn't really start moving until I have three elements. In the case of this story, the three key elements are the Matrix series, the Chobits storyline, and the .hack games. In the topic, most everything happening was more or less random until .hack was introduced into it, and elements quickly built up to an end for the first chapter and a true beginning of the storyline. In the case of this other storyline, the three elements I worked with are the Bleach series, the Haibane Renmei storyline, and the Rozen Maiden series, managing to tie the three together rather well, which started as two separate empty-ended thought processes, one exploring the puzzle of the city of Grie in Haibane Renmei, and the other exploring more into the Meiryouken zanpakuto I had made for Skewed. Once I introduced the Rozen Maiden into the thought process, and tied the three together additionally with Pink Floyd's The Wall album, which just fit naturally, I ended up with a story with a total of 50 cards in StoryLines. A far cry from Skewed, which currently sits at 102, with probably a lot more cards which would exist for the story up to when I started it, and currently 15 unplaced cards with a lot more storyline still to lay out, but that "short" story does cover a lot of complex story.

Three things coming together, or making up the whole. This Triad Rule, as I will call it, applies to my other works as well. It plays prominently in the Spiral Island Trilogy, with, not to mention the fact that there are three games in the series, the 3 iterations of the game I had originally, as I have detailed on here before. Also, as the story will unfold, there will be other things revealed that will fit into it. It also figures into another game which has figured prominently into my planning of another storyline, listed on the AnacondaSoftware website as "13th Light". In fact it even applies to my ability to think, after I had brought on Joe Monkey as an Administrator to AnacondaSoftware, so it was me, The Fish King, and Joe Monkey, I had a flood of ideas just roll in, where as before I just had the Spiral Island Trilogy, and Shadows of a Faded Past. As of right now I have 18 game titles listed in my development wiki, spanning four storylines, several more I don't have entered in yet, and a fifth storyline I am working on in my head but don't have any games planned for it currently.

Date posted: 30 September, 2008
Tags: anecdote spiral_island ties_to_infinity writing
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