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  • The Ad Is A Spy
    Unlike most people on the internet, I understand the importance of advertising revenue for a website, and I don't use AdBlock. I don't mind seeing an ad, and sometimes the
  • Space Constraints
    As I said I would, I have put up a few Skewed updates this week. With a Dungeons and Dragons campaign taking up a majoriy of this week, completely throwing my sleep schedu
  • Navigational Emphasis
    For the most part, navigating around Salt Lake City is a peice of cake, compared to some places. The city is laid out in a grid system, with major streets running North-So
  • Layout Space
    Way back in the day , I bought my first LCD. At the time, I didn't want to spend the money for a 24" monitor, so had bought a 20" widescreen, with a resolution of 1680x105
  • Referral Remix
    Some time back, I was just reminded, Notebook Forums ran a contest. The contest was meant to bring in new members, and revolved around the forum's referral system. What yo
  • Direct Import from Poland
    I was driving down the street yesterday, heading to the west end of the valley, and on the side of the street there was a scrolling marquee. I wasn't really watching what
  • Finite Infinity - Triad Rule
    Apparently font kerning and leading differences exist between WordPerfect and OpenOffice, because I remember these documents having more pages in the past. I noticed the s
  • Call Sign
    I've talked about the Internet Archive once before . It keeps a history of the internet, as well as collections of text, images, audio, and video, in a publicly accessible
  • Subcon
    It may just be my body protesting against my training schedule, but I doubt it, because this has been going on much longer than that. This started after the change over to
  • The Zompire
    The Zompire has risen. Zombies everywhere will no longer stand alone, will no longer be oppressed by the humans, vampyres, and demons, and will stand together to prove how
  • Constant/Consonant
    The other day in work, a coworker was making a joke about another one (not a derogatory joke, mind you, a joke that she often makes about herself). However, this coworker
  • Um, lot?
    Some words we use in common day to day speech aren't actually words in the English language, they are loanwords. Some of these can be easily recognized by their diacritics
  • Crawling
    So over the weekend I traded off with my mom staying with my brother up at the hospital. I brought my notebook with me, and planned on remoting in to my machine at home to
  • A Failure
    Buying the mouse I mentioned yesterday isn't my only current activity on eBay. I also have a pile of some Pokemon TCG singles from the latest set that I had intended on li
  • Mission Complete: Hard Mode Unlocked
    I've seen some interesting things over the years in e-mail. Most of it is spam, so it's not really worth mentioning because its garbage designed to bypass spam filters. Bu
  • Charlie Gordon
    Alright, written Rorschach test time. What's the first thing that comes to mind reading the abbreviation "BKCN SHT CAKE" Go ahead, I'll wait. The page I'm trying to go to
  • Caution: English Construction Next 5 Miles
    At my work theres a guy who often mispronounces the names of things. Usually its nothing to bother with, but occasionally some unusual words are created by him. Today he w
  • Back from Hawaii
    I'm back from Hawaii. Actually, I've been back for a few days. I don't have anything to talk about, though. I've been spending most of my free time since I got back watchi
  • They Need To Be Rounded Up
    Its our supervisor's birthday next week, and he's taking the week off for vacation. So my team's been planning a birthday party for tomorrow. One person's been coordinatin
  • Caffinated
    Here is a recipe: 1 Dictionary antithesis 3 Monsters Instructions Take one person, add 3 Monsters, then ask him to write an essay without giving him details. Result: His r
  • You?
    So right now there's a Nerd Quiz floating around the Off-Topic end of Notebook Forums. The highest so far has been a score of 85, I got 65 myself. One particular member of
  • Letter Order
    TIP: When abbreviating, the abbreviations come from the first letter of each word, in the order that the words are provided. Thus, the following line, which I just set as
  • Buried Treasure
    In High School, I kept a notebook for stuff related to the AnacondaSoftware title Spiral Island. This is a white notebook, with a sheet slid in the front with the Spiral I
  • Cooldown Period
    Between late training all week, and the fun of replacing a motherboard and then dealing with driver issues after that, this week has been pretty busy. Today in particular,
  • A Wrong Turn, Somewhere...
    So, after I created this site, I altered my MSN title to contain information about it. I changed it to "The Anaconda -" Except replace "RegularSpelling
  • Description and Direction
    Most of the time I plan out things in a script format. I have stories told by the characters, with conversations between characters explaining the situation. Anyone readin
  • Internet Language
    So I'm a librarian at my church. I make copies for people, and I manage materials that get checked in and out of the library for the meetings. And my ward is the last to m
  • Geek's a Verb?
    So, being that its Memorial Day, its kinda slow around work. Not as slow as say Thanksgiving or Christmas would be, but it is slower than usual. That's giving people a lot
  • That's My Name
    About a month or so I had to replace my car. Not like it was a big expense, I was rear-ended last November with my previous car, and it was declared totaled by the insuran
  • Regular Spelling Dot Com
    So here it is, This is my personal blog, and I'm going to comment on language here. Not just English, and not just human languages either. A little ab

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