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Finite Infinity - Last-Minute Additions

I had a title for each of the chapters that would be in this story, but I can't remember the one for the next one at this point. It wasn't even originally going to be it's own chapter, except that there ended up being too much to do between this chapter and the next one after that that it would have made one way too massive chapter.

After Morganna made off in Reone's body, The Anaconda was going to then get everyone together to reveal what his new memories had contained, certain key memories that he had lost after being defeated at the end of chapter 1. This information revealed that he had originally lived before the Second Reniassance, and for some reason was put into cryogenic stasis and copied into a Persocom. He didn't have any of the memories as to why this was, however. He also revealed informationt that The World as they know it was an expansion to the Matrix due to space problems, based on the actual .hack series which had existed in the previous iteration in the form that we know it, including brief flashes of .hack//GU, as the previous iteration had reset just 3 days after the E3 where the initial trailer aired. They decide at this point the best plan would be to use the data gathered by the black box program to form a body for Morganna as well, since she is formless currently.

In the mean time, Fidchell had joined up with Morganna, who was going around and causing mostly mischief while loosely cooperating with Bob Gorilla. At this point all of the Phases have had the Drain Lock upgrade applied to them, which has had the additional effect of giving them all human forms. 5 of the forms have taken on their GU look, Skeith (who dresses like a Wavemaster rather than Haseo's Adept Rogue looks), Innis (who also can turn herself into other forms), Magus, Fidhell (who dresses more like Wiseman then Yata when he's not dressed as Organization XIII), and Corbenik. The remaining three got other forms, Gorre's modeled after the twins, Macha (being still Mia at this point) transformed into much more human, but having an outfit similar to Endrance's, and Tarvos being Jum Bansyoya.

The rest of this I pretty much left open. Aura realizes early on, from the spirit weapon The Anaconda is now using, that she in fact never had met Orion and it was The Anaconda that she thought was Orion, so now the trail trying to find Orion had gone cold. They go to find Albiero, who had left the Matrix with Hokuto, trying to find the location of the black box, while in the mean time Corbenik, since there were no details in the E3 video as to what was actually inside the locked compartment on Ovan's arm, Corbeniks is instead a giant MaGun, which he uses to summon The One Sin in the middle of the city. Corbenik is acting on someone elses accord, not on Bob Gorilla's side. The Anaconda gets his Oni Form at one point in the story, and they work at gathering unique cores and breaking the Drain Lock encryption. After they do that, with the assistance of the Agents, they trap Morganna and drain her out of Reone, then force her into her new body. She finds that satisfactory and gives up, while in the mean time Bob Gorilla forces open the barrier and escapes into destiNATION.

Date posted: 02 October, 2008
Tags: ties_to_infinity
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