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Finite Infinity - destiNATION

I had a number of supplemental topics building up to the next chapter, which focuses on destiNATION, so I'll cover this concept before detailing the next chapter of the story. I had built destiNATION as an alternative network to the Matrix. One underlying thing that was going on through this story is what ends up escalating to a Machine Civil War, with several of the programs not happy with the policies of the Matrix administration. They ended up creating an alternate network as a haven for those that would not become part of the Process, a network which, while designed to be interactive between the two, caused the Matrix administrators to constantly rotate login policies so people couldn't go from destiNATION to the Matrix or vice versa.

This other network works a lot like the way The World works, with a gate system in a central hub leading to other, smaller areas. It is a distributed network, much as the way I have structured the Matrix, but whereas the Matrix is seamless between servers, each server or cluster in destiNATION is isolated and operates independently. The actual root hub I made for it is based on a misinterpretation of the Otherland novels, by a program called Harvester. There's other locations as well in destiNATION built with this utility.

Harvester is a program I intended on referencing numerous times, I might have already referenced it already in the story but I don't recall. The Harvester program was written as a tool to assist in building the Matrix, by processing all the human's information from the internet before the Second Reniassance and process it into a usable, world-building format. The program was used for the initial building of the Matrix, for minor things since then, then again in a major use for processing all the .hack media to build The World section of the Matrix. The destiNATION founders have a pirate copy of Harvester, as the program is tightly controlled by the Matrix administration.

Date posted: 04 October, 2008
Tags: novels ties_to_infinity
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