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Holder of the Game

I've talked about the Holders series once before, I wanted to touch back on it one more time, as I remembered something while rereading that article.

I wrote some time back about having only vague memories of my elementary school days, due to the significant shift of environment when going into Junior High. Back when I was in elementary school, though, is where a lot of the origins of my creative mind now are rooted. Back then, I would write large amounts of short stories, based mainly on my dreams. Or, more appropriately, I would plan a large amount of them, but never get around to it. I kept a list of them, a list of titles, for everything I was planning, that was lost sometime between elementary school and junior high. I have forgotten most of them, and have no recollection of any of it except for a few fragments from a few. However, that's not to say those memories cannot be recovered.

My second time reading through the Holders series, I started running through a plan in my head, a simple throwaway story that I would be done with. This story involved a girl running as the Seeker of Holders, going after items after being contacted by someone over the internet to seek out the first item, while her internet connection was down. After gaining the first item she ended up meeting the person, who told her to go after items, but she was a college student and didn't really have the means of getting around to the different rehab centers as required in the story. He then said he would set up so that she would have a way. At this point then I came into the storyline, or rather an older version of myself, with a well established game company, hiring her on to my company, and having her travel around for various conferences and shows, which gave her the avenue to collect more items.

In the mean time, her roomate begins having concerns about some odd behavior she has noticed in her. They both live in the same apartment complex, and she comes to me concerning some times being unable to contact her while she is on trips. I try reading the GPS location of some company hardware, only to find it is not registering at all, until it suddenly does register a location. Concerned about this, I, who also am a seeker but have just a few items that help me out, confront her once on the airplane for one conference, triggering her as the Holder of the Silence. (Interestingly enough, the entry on the Holders wiki is changed from the original. The original, as described here, simply states "You are the Holder of Silence. The silence you hear is object 31 of 538. The silence mustn't be broken.") This then causes the airplane to drop to absolute silence, and I take the opportunity to raise my suspicions about the man, since she is unable to speak as the Holder of Silence during it.

The significant point of this entry came from another discussion with her roomate, at a point where she has now learned about the Holders series. I explain to her about it from what I know, and what I knew about the man playing the peices to get the girl into place as the Seeker of Holders. I casually mentioned one last thing to her, as I said I realized the man's identity: I said that he was a GameMaster.

Instantly, I had a huge set of memories come back to me, which is what I had forgotten from the very beginning. The list I mentioned above, with titles of stories I was going to write, started out with a dream I had in third grade about a group called the GameMasters. They were a group that existed in another plane, that were responsible for giving the ideas for the best selling video games, who uses holographic technology in their plane to simulate and create the ideas for the games. I had been brought there to test out some new game idea. I had also revisitied it later, the 8th entry on the list, where I had a sequel dream a year later where their facility was attacked by some other group, and they recalled me to help defend it. A concept I had long forgotten the details of, however, once single word mentioning them, dropped unsuspectingly in a conversation in my mind, unlocked an entire lost fragment of my memory.

Date posted: 17 October, 2008
Tags: holders memory writing
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