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Finite Infinity - Final Thoughts

So that wraps up everything for the Ties to Infinity story. When PivotX final is released I'll put up some of the written portions I have in my two documents on here, but for now, after this entry is posted, I will post links to all 9 of the entries in the story topic, and then close the thread on my forum, leaving the legacy behind for the future.

A lot of the real use I got out of this were fleshing out some concepts I use in the storylines for my games, and some other things. It was the source of the poem that started a series that I have posted a couple under as entries titled "Something Different", being a quote of the poem by The Anaconda to Chii after the funeral for the death of Hideki. The Oni Mode concept will be introduced near the end of Spiral Island, and the Spirit weapon idea exists but isn't really explored in the Spiral Island Trilogy, but is gone into much further in the story of 13th Light. I reuse the characters of Orion and Xedre, reassigning them as names of AI programs. I even crossed directly into the Spiral Island universe at one point, making a small post referring to another part of that storyline not covered in the Spiral Island Trilogy.

The end of an era, then end of Infinity. Time rolls on, and a new Infinity is formed. But will the new infinite be the same as the old, or will it something nobody had imagined?

Date posted: 15 October, 2008
Tags: spiral_island ties_to_infinity website_design
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