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I've been considering getting back into Magic: The Gathering lately. Just for casual play, I wouldn't want to try to do anything more together with how involved I am in the Pokemon trading card game. Just for the nostalgia feel mainly, reconnecting with the past and what I once knew.

It's been almost exactly 10 years at this point since I first started playing Magic. I had originally heard of it in a magazine when Alpha first came out, actually, but couldn't really find anywhere as a kid that sold it and ended up forgetting about it, until it became a popular fad at my school in 8th grade. At that point I wanted to get into it again, and after winning some money from a fund raiser thing, I bought a Stronghold starter. I played for most of that school year, but as a fad it ended up fading, and in the end, after I had amassed most of everyone else's collections, I had nobody else to play. I ended up selling my collection to a friend of mine in exchange for a Gameboy, and I seriously got into the Pokemon series soon after that, switching over to that card game which is where I have been since.

I hadn't left it by the wayside, though, I continued reading the novels for the storyline I was familiar with, up through Apocalypse and the end of Yawgmoth and Phyrexia. I didn't really follow it much after that, because what I had come to know had more or less ended, and the story after that simply isn't relevant in my mind to my legacy. However, Coldsnap had caught my eye, which completed the old Ice Age block which I had played some of from my acquisitions. I wanted to see how they finished that block, but never had the actual chance to purchase anything from Coldsnap, up until I purchased the fat pack for it a couple weeks ago, which is all I can find aside from boosters. I hadn't realized that the set was so far out of print, it had apparently came out before I started working this job, which would be why I didn't have any money to buy starters then. The nice thing is the fat pack came with one of the novels, The Gathering Dark, which was a nice novel. At this point what I need to do is acquire the novels for the storyline I am familiar with. I own The Thran, which is the beginning of it all, next I need to get The Brothers' War, which unfortunately is out of print now so I will have to get a used copy.

Date posted: 20 October, 2008
Tags: novels personal video_games
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