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Finite Infinity - GU

I was also playing around with the idea for one more chapter, brining it together with GU, though I hadn't planned this one out very much. As it was to go, several years later they got the full games from the zone in destiNATION, and so they decided to run through it with Harvester to reassign the player characters to new people who had those personalities, since everyone was now much older then the gap between QUARRANTINE and GU. At this point the Matrix was now run by a committe, and Morganna and Aura were heads of The World. They update it to follow the R:2 storyline, and watch as it plays through. While waiting between 2 and 3, Morganna is looking through a guide book, and notices there was some inconsistencies between the original English translation of the first games, which is what the Harvester used to build originally, and some of the information for the series, but whenever she went to compare it in the actual information, someone had already corrected it. An area of the Matrix then suddenly stops responding, and The Anaconda goes to investigate it, to discover it is the hospital where Alkaid was checked into in her coma. Corbenik is there, and he then destroys Alkaid's RSI. He scrambles Zion to make a quick rescue of her body, they recover her but aren't able reconnect her to the Matrix. They decide to try and merge her Alkaid character data into her mind, replacing her RSI data for the Matrix with her character.

In the mean time more and more discrepancies come up, and they try tracking down what happened to the original people Harvester had profiled as fitting in the roles. They find everyone but one, Sora, who completely vanished from the Matrix shortly after being freed from Skeith's wand. Skeith, Haseo in Avatar Skeith form, and Atoli in Avatar Innis form go to try and fight Corbenik, and during the battle they trace the ID's and discover that Harvester didn't reassign the role to another person, but had instead given it back to the same character. In the battle, Corbenik reveals this to Haseo, and he goes into shock comparing who he was before, and what he had done when integrated with Skeith originally, to who he was now.

That was pretty much all I had covered for that storyline. I didn't have any plan on who Corbenik was working for, or how this would end. I planned on bringing Morganna into play by giving her a Spirit weapon as well, and some other interactions between primarily Haseo, Atoli, Skeith, and Innis.

Date posted: 14 October, 2008
Tags: ties_to_infinity
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