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Finite Infinity - Machine Revolution Part 2

After the fight, Reone regains all of her memory from before the Second Reniassance, everything that happened from the beginning of the Chobits series to where she was taken offline trying to destroy the last remaining X-PUN chip in the former Piffle Princess assets before the Machines could get a hold of it. The Anaconda then recovers his RSI and reconnects, regaining all his memories, and the memory of a program he had written to fully use the hacking chip, and decides to put his human body back into cryogenic stasis and return to his Persocom form, so he has access to his X-PUN chip.

In the mean time, at this point the Architect has now fully declared war against the rebels and intent to return the Matrix to the state it was before Neo initiated the truce, and the revolution is brought into full swing. The setting moves to internal structures of the Source, to Server Prime, which is where the office of the Architect is located. He begins sending out Agents discretely to kill the dissenting programs, and they respond with a media blitz bringing it all to light. It culminates to a storming of Server Prime by persecuted Persocoms, the dissenting programs, and humans, and The Anaconda, Reone, and Freya storm the Architect's office, who had been waiting. He calls in the tour guide Lain, which was a disguise for the recreation of Chitose Hibiya, who uses her logins to disable all three of them. A backup system for The Anaconda activates, and shuts off the login protocols, allowing him to come back, where destroys the protocols for the other two as well. In the mean time, the ship had been moving to the machine city, and in the real world The Anaconda goes to the machine holding the Architect himself, and plugs into it and completely destroys the program with X-PUN, using a vulnerability he had coded into the Machine protocols years before, well before the Second Reniassance. He then releases the full details of this vulnerability out over the Matrix and destiNATION, and a new, much more mutualist symbiosis forms between the humans and the Machines.

Date posted: 12 October, 2008
Tags: ties_to_infinity
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