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Dawn Over a New World

I'm rather amused that I managed to come up with 3 different arcticles named in the format of the Holders series in such a short span of time. That was an unexpected arrangement, I wasn't expecting things to fall together like that.

So now the New Xbox Experience is out, and XNA games are now officially for sale through Community Games. However, also coming along with this is the ability to now test out games to see how they function in Trial mode, which has lead to something I wasn't expecting: a time limit of only ~4 minutes.

I was guessing on about 10, and was going to pace Spiral Island as such so that you could get to the first boss and possibly through it in time before the trial period ended. However at that rate there's no way that will be possible, which has left me scratching for what to do. So after some thinking I've come to a conclusion. I've decided to write a small amount of storyline that fits in before the game's introduction. It will be dropping in without any details yet to anything that is going on, and leaving it from there to jump into some action without explaining much. The storyline actually has room for me to insert this prelude, so I don't have to actually change anything in the actual intro as far as storyline.

Date posted: 24 November, 2008
Tags: holders programming spiral_island video_games writing
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