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Renewed Resolve

So it's the end of the year again, once again time to reflect on the past year and make resolutions for the next.

Overall the biggest shift for the last year of course is my decision to return to my original plans from high school, and go back to working on releasing a 2D version of Spiral Island, now fitting in step with the paradigm shift of the market. It's been over five years now since I made the shift and changed AnacondaSoftware to the Re-Form Campaign. In that time I had done a lot, refining the storyline of the Spiral Island universe, and expanding horizons to two new realms: the Rebirth campaign for Phoenix Flame, and the Refract campaign for Phobia: The Only Thing to Fear. But those were new projects, in addition to the Spiral Island Trilogy, and never expected to lead to the path we are at now.

Not to say that that has been the only shift this year, no. I moved out in the middle of this year, and am living in an apartment now. I've also been working on losing the weight I have built up over the years of working desk jobs, with fair results so far but I've lost my routine recently so I've lost the pace in which I wanted to continue. I've also come to start using several new internet mediums, most notably Facebook for communication, as well as starting to be more open and public with information, releasing videos on Youtube as well as releasing my utility programs as open source. And I've continued improve my programming skills, and continued to write: here on this blog, for Skewed on the Pokegym, the new work for Spiral Island, and growing storylines for my other projects.

The goals for the next year are clear: release Spiral Island. As part of this I will be working on learning how to draw, and working on learning how to play the piano and compose. I also plan on continuing to lose weight and finally be back to what I used to be, and if I can fit it in the time, the grand finish of Skewed. We shall see, only time can tell, but there is much of it to go for the year. I also want to try to get back into school, but a lot of different things weigh on that so it may not be any more than a few online classes.

The face of the internet, and the real world around us, changes again, and things move ever forward. Time, progress cannot be stopped, nor shall we wish it to. We can only look back, see if any mistakes were made, and do what we can to rebuild what was lost. Onwards to 2009!

Date posted: 31 December, 2008
Tags: anacondasoftware personal skewed spiral_island website_design writing
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