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Red Ice

Okay, now I think I have everything stable in my configuration, and all my templates are uniform. Everything seems to be moving smooth, so time to roll forward. I'll have to clean up some of the older entries, because of glitches converting the language-specific entries to UTF, but that is something that I will deal with later.

With the new functions I can now post what PivotX calls "Pages", or simply static information that doesn't roll with the blog. This comes very handy, especially for a writing blog like this, because it allows me to then just put whatever I feel like on the site. So to start it off, I have put up the first part of a new story I started the other day, Red Ice.

To introduce it, this story is the prequel to a game I have been working on for handhelds on and off over the last year or so. The name comes from that game's projet codename, Project Red Ice. I haven't really been able to come up with anything better at the moment, so I figured I might as well just stick it here, since it is effectively nameless until I come up with a proper name for that game.

Date posted: 14 March, 2009
Tags: red_ice regularspelling writing
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