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  • 2016: The Year I Write 7 Books
    It's been four years now since I started doing NaNoWriMo. In that time I've written five books. Three which were completed, two which were not, and one of which was writte
  • Visually Speaking
    As I continue working on Red Ice , I realized I needed to come up with some sort of map of everything, because, since its a fictional land and not based on our world, tryi
  • Continuous Rewrites
    Red Ice has been updated . I tried to do a Pocketwatch update too, but I couldn't decide where I wanted to go with it. The Red Ice part wasn't so easy either, I had tried
  • Mathematical Impossibility
    I have today put up not one, but two parts for Red Ice: First Craft , and Polonium Black . These collectively complete Chapter 1 of the story.  Having more German vocabula
  • Semi-machinated
    A  new part of Red Ice is now posted. And I'm not sure how exactly to pronounce the name, to be honest with you, it's been ages since I did any study of German and so the
  • Original Content
    So I've got a second part up for that story now, accessible on the left. I might get one more out this week, then set it aside for a while before doing some more work on i
  • Red Ice
    Okay, now I think I have everything stable in my configuration, and all my templates are uniform. Everything seems to be moving smooth, so time to roll forward. I'll have
  • Modern Description
    Posting from Linux right now, using BloGTK. I would just do it from the website, but Firefox is clashing with my color scheme settings and is making all the forms on the s

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