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Finite Infinity - Delayed Reaction

It's been two weeks now since I upgraded to PivotX. It's worked well, and I'm really digging the Page function. However I had forgotten one of the first things I had wanted to do with it, until now.

One of the problems with working graveyard shift is there isn't really anything on television to watch in the middle of the night.  Not that there's much worth watching during daytime TV either, but I can always manage to find something or other then. But nights make things more diffucult. As I sat yesterday, finishing up coding on a script editor for Spiral Island, I searched for something to watch in the background, but found nothing better than Matrix Revolutions.

As I watched the film play out, I had the urge to go back and read through HEHEHEE! The Story, and the amusing continuation of the story we came up with there (as opposed to the official continuation that the course of Matrix Online has played out). As I did that, I remembered that I had wanted to post all my written material when PivotX came out. So that's what I'm finally doing now.

There will be four stages to this. The first, going up now, will be a dump of my main HEHEHE.ODT document, where most of what I had written was located. Second will be the collection of the few other documents I had saved information in separately, which, at the moment what I can recall, is a segment of Aura visiting a zone based on OS-tans, and a summary document of the six fragments The Anaconda splits himself up into in Chapter Six. Third will be my second main document, BACKSTORY.ODT, which is where all my backstory work was done, telling roughly what happened between the end of the Chobits series up to the machine war in the Second Reniassance.

Those three documents will be posted unformatted, unedited. The first document has something struck out in it, since I had meant to re-edit the wording on the line but never got back to it, and in both sections not every event is in it's proper chronological order. The last document will be from two hand-written sections I penned while at a family reunion, the first describing the fight between Freya and the Architect, and the second the final ending of Ties to Infinity (not counting the extra GU-based chapter), the fragment I actually got the tile of the story from. Since I have to type both of these in, I might add some more to them, depending on what I'm in the mood for when I write it.

Date posted: 28 March, 2009
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