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A  new part of Red Ice is now posted. And I'm not sure how exactly to pronounce the name, to be honest with you, it's been ages since I did any study of German and so the character's proper pronunciation escapes me.

For the spell, I couldn't really think of much due to fatigue. Translated, it is "From the ice of the north, From the fires of the south, from the forests of the east, from the cities of the west. Messerweiß (White Knife), I am your servant. Accept my oath!" It's German version, though, I'm only fairly confident in.

What I did was use Google Translate and Yahoo Babelfish to machine-translate the phrases, and compared what I got against a German/English dictionary. I went with whichever was closest, first of all, and made other word adjustments as I got from the dictionary. Hopefully all the words should be right, but I'm not entirely sure about the sentence structure.

And as for the name of the device, Messerweiß, I'm not even sure if I can concatenate words like that in German. I'm basing that solely off of the word Sinneslöschen, or "sense-delete" (although Google Translate instead gives me "clear meaning" which seems to be the opposite meaning), the alleged developer name of the urban legend arcade game Polybius. (I plan on going more into Sinneslöschen in the future so I won't digress onto that topic right now).

Date posted: 09 April, 2009
Tags: german linguistic red_ice translation writing
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