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The Story So Far

So I realize, as I'm writing up the script for Spiral Island, that there's a LOT more to what's going on then what is presented in-game. Granted, one of my main points for Classic is that the story is intrinsic, and so out-of-character knowledge isn't presented here, but there is information Amy would know that I simply don't have anywhere to present because it doesn't really come up in the story.

If you've looked around the AnacondaSoftware website in the last little bit you should have noticed that the splash page simply goes directly to the forums now. I'm working on a remake of the AnacondaSoftware website right now, and decided to just close it down while I'm working on that since the information is simply so out of date. I think once that new site launches I will have a section on the backstory for Spiral Island on hand, while I'm working on the dedicated Spiral Island website.

Date posted: 19 May, 2009
Tags: anacondasoftware spiral_island website_design writing
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