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New Alexandria

What if the world were to end tomorrow?

It doesn't really matter how, that's not important. It could be neutron bombs, it could be a pandemic disease, but for whatever reason, everyone is dead. Except for you. You're not in danger of death from the cause of everyone else's death. You're alive, but you're alone.

What would you do, exactly? Would you go into depression, and lose the will to continue living? Would you slip into delusions, letting madness and imagination keep you from facing the reality of the world? Would you slip into a form of happiness, liberated by the freedom to enjoy and do whatever you wish without reason or consequence? Would you simply do nothing? Or would you try and do something significant, something to define you, your culture, and your epoch?

Time flows ever forward, with or without you. Because time, or rather the growth of time, has stopped for you, it doesn't mean it's stopped for someone else. And should their line cross over yours, what will they know, what will they have to show? Did your time really exist?

Date posted: 21 May, 2009
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