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I started going through the Pimsleur course today for Japanese. Since I didn't know what they would cover in the course I decided to just start from the beginning, making most of it a review early on. The first lesson just went over general inquiry about spoken languages. The second one went into greetings and small talk, and, oddly enough, that's where I first hit new vocabulary. 

Somehow, I had missed the term 'weather' in my 3 years of taking it in high school and the other random stuff I've picked up since. Of all the things a simple world like that I had never learned. Also on the second one they tried going into the explanation of the sentence particle 'ne', which as I've mentioned before doesn't have a good general equlivalent in American English, which left the narrator the task - much to my amusement - of trying to explain how to use it during the lesson.

Date posted: 18 June, 2009
Tags: japanese linguistic pronunciation
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