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  • Desereted
    One of the things specific to LDS culture, and one of the things I forgot about by the time I started doing linguistic studies, was an attempt during the 1800's at creatin
  • People are Deaf
    While I didn't know that it was a Yamaha product until today, I've known about Vocaloid  for a long time. It wasn't anything made with it that first brought it to my atten
  • Crash Review
    I started going through the Pimsleur course today for Japanese. Since I didn't know what they would cover in the course I decided to just start from the beginning, making
  • Direct Import from Poland
    I was driving down the street yesterday, heading to the west end of the valley, and on the side of the street there was a scrolling marquee. I wasn't really watching what
  • Pronounced
    English is a rather strange language. It is filled with many different language influences, and it is full of conflicting grammatical rules. It is hard to find any good co
  • Déjà Vowel
    I thought I had talked about this once before, but apparently I haven't. Also, it seems Google isn't indexing anything for the search box, I'll look into that in a little
  • Constant/Consonant
    The other day in work, a coworker was making a joke about another one (not a derogatory joke, mind you, a joke that she often makes about herself). However, this coworker
  • Caution: English Construction Next 5 Miles
    At my work theres a guy who often mispronounces the names of things. Usually its nothing to bother with, but occasionally some unusual words are created by him. Today he w
  • Pronunciation Sandwich
    GameTrailers has been doing retrospectives of the Final Fantasy series over the last month or so, from the beginning. I haven't seen the last couple that came out while I
  • Emphasis Added
    As a general rule, English follows a pattern of emphasizing every other syllable. Occasionally one and two syllable words in succession will swap this, but this more or le

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