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Small Fires

Earlier tonight, ImageShack was hacked. For several hours, all the pictures were replaced by a message from some group, with, honestly, some rather confusing goals.

When Swine Flu hit, I talked about how Twitter wet ablaze with talk and rumors about it. I decided to watch Twitter references to ImageShack for a while to see what happened. While the hack was in effect, entry after entry just rolled onto the service. I didn't get a good timestamp to compare to until after the images were reverted, but talk of the hacking continued, leaving a good 200 tweets about it in just an hour's time.

Looking at the Google Trends for the day, the top two searches are for information about this, first of all "ImageShack Hacked", followed by the name of the group, "Anti-Sec". From several links there for news posts and blog entries, there's a lot more discussion going on elsewhere too, more fires in other locations. If they had remained hacked longer I'm sure the fire would have gotten much bigger.

As it stands, it will be interesting to see if there's anything more that comes of this in the next few immediate days. From my searches this group has apparently been around for ages, but this was apparently a move to bring their existance, their goals, and perhaps most importanly, the issue at had, into the spotlght.

Date posted: 10 July, 2009
Tags: internet
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