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If you've looked at my YouTube channel, the first thing you see there are music video's I have made over the years. There's five total. From there, there's some other miscelaneous things, leading up to the video I've just uploaded, the second in my series of Commodore 64 videos. 

But there's only 5 AMV's, as you can see. I've wanted there to be more, but it's just five, with my last one still from many years ago. And there's a good reason for that: Adobe Premier.

I started using Adobe Premier in High School in my Advanced Multimedia class, and liked it a lot. Premier 6 was what we used then, and I liked it a lot, I did several things for that class, and that's where I started making AMV's. Because of time access to the lab I never finished my AMV projects I was working on during high school, so it wasn't until late 2004 that I finally finished one, done to I Am A Rock by Simon and Garfunkel and to the anime Saikano. Between then and late 2005 I got a total of five videos done, and, with my last one, done to Blind Guardian's The Maiden and the Minstrel Knight, I intended to do a whole chain of them to Blind Guardian in particular.

I never made another one after that. Because of Adobe Premier. In the beginning of 2006, Adobe released Premier Pro 2.0, introducing a new GPU acceleration to video. I don't know if that was the cause, or if it was some other change with 2.0, but starting from that, it's ability to handle general video clips of various formats dropped. And with each new version it dropped more. I decided to switch over to Elements instead of Premier Pro, thinking that since it was aimed towards consumers and not professions it would maybe have better support for a broader encoding format, but it didn't. I bought the Photoshop Elements 5/Premier Elements 3 combo, and another unexpected issue came up: it wasn't compatible with my system. Despite claiming Vista compatibility, it did not work with Vista x64, and it wasn't until a week after my purchase that the requirements listed on the Adobe site specified that it had to be 32-bit Vista.  

I did use it on a 32-bit installation on my notebook, though, but wasn't very pleased with performance. I was trying to work on a .hack//SIGN video, but my render was just plagued with frame jumping errors that it wasn't going to work. So I removed it. Later, when I bought my XPS, it came free with the Photoshop Elements 6/Premier Elements 4 combo, so I decided to give it another try. This version was even worse than before, and on my XPS I tried doing a Higurashi music video but couldn't get the first few seconds without a ton of errors. So I decided to abandon it for music videos, but still kept it around for other purposes.

Now we come forward to these Commodore videos. The reason I was so delayed on making another one was because I had a ton of problems trying to use Premier to cut the first one, which was really little more then sticking the two different clips together and a third audio track. I tried doing it for this new video, and it completely trashed the game footage. I've had enough of it now, I've uninstalled Premier completely. What used to work great has just become garbage. 

But that leaves me with nothing good to work with as an alternative. I want to try playing with Cinelerra but I don't have a Linux machine set up right now or the time to really sit down and play with it. That will have to wait for another time, I guess.

Date posted: 13 July, 2009
Tags: anime internet personal software
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