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So I guess I've mentioned once before, I own a Zune instead of an iPod. Never wanted an iPod, never liked Apple products in general after having tons of problems with old Power Macs and G4s throughout the years. But I have this nice little Zune 30, which is getting to be some three years old now. Battery life is wearing down, but it still functions fine. I usually keep it connected to my 360 so I have my music library on there. I like the device quite a bit.

As such, I've been following Zune developments for a while. I had wanted to get a Zune 80, but never got the chance to. I also have been keeping an eye on software development for it, since at least the older Zune's support XNA, although there hasn't been any distribution platform for it yet. For the new Zune HD, it is going to have a games platform, however the details on it haven't yet been finalized. 

Now that it's finally released, we should start to see more coming for it. For now, they've released an incremental update for the older firmware as well, which won't have all the features of the HD because of hardware changes, of course, but as long as it adds Unicode support in the device then I'll be happy. My library is re-syncing right now after formatting the device, so we'll see what it has when it finishes.

Date posted: 15 September, 2009
Tags: computer music software
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