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  • (Very) Slowly Moving Forward
    So at this point I'm going to have to get a new car. The other day I went to drive up to Idaho for Thanksgiving and my poor 95 Sable  wouldn't shift into 3rd (non-OD Freew
  • Smooth Letters
    Made a minor correction to The Pocketwatch, while reading through it and noticing that it said Medea lives in Kyushu. I meant Honshu, the main island.  Way back in high sc
  • Compacted
    So I did decide to go ahead and upgrade my XPS to Windows 7 after all. I made this decision mainly because I had switched to 64-bit Vista not that long ago, and the UPEK f
  • Persona
    Well, Windows 7 is officially released now. Unlike when Vista was released, I won't be switching to 7 immediately. My desktop is slowly spiraling to it's death, so I'm goi
  • ZUN!
    So I guess I've mentioned once before, I own a Zune instead of an iPod. Never wanted an iPod, never liked Apple products in general after having tons of problems with old
  • Hide In Plain Sight
    One of the more interesting topics I've found is the subject of steganography . Digital steganography, more particular, is done usually with images. One particular online
  • Browser Shifts
    I usually use IE8 on my notebook. It's a decent browser, and much better than the dark days of IE6. Despite some unwarranted MS hate from people, it serves well for using
  • Edited for Content
    If you've looked at my YouTube channel, the first thing you see there are music video's I have made over the years. There's five total. From there, there's some other misc
  • Space Constraints
    As I said I would, I have put up a few Skewed updates this week. With a Dungeons and Dragons campaign taking up a majoriy of this week, completely throwing my sleep schedu
  • People are Deaf
    While I didn't know that it was a Yamaha product until today, I've known about Vocaloid  for a long time. It wasn't anything made with it that first brought it to my atten
  • Clean Code
    While I wait for this function I just added to my map editor to finish I'll drop in here. Over the weekend I cleaned up all the code so this site is valid XHTML, and got m
  • Windows 7 RC
    Now the Windows 7 Release Candidate is out for public consumption. I decided that I would install this one on my desktop as well, utilizing 80 GB I have laying around doin
  • Modern Description
    Posting from Linux right now, using BloGTK. I would just do it from the website, but Firefox is clashing with my color scheme settings and is making all the forms on the s
  • Transparent Alignment
    Continuing on with my last post about transparency, I am currently working on revamping the AnacondaSoftware website, with a new design that will unify the main site, the
  • Transparency
    Years ago, when I was doing more web design, and was employed doing it as well, the internet was stagnated. IE6 was the norm, and so things were very non-standard, and hac
  • Starting Capital
    One of the things I don't really like the idea of is the high cost of development tools. I mean, that's fine and all when purchasing it as a business, but as an individual
  • Downtime
    Posting through Live Writer from Windows Seven again, mainly because I've been having some server issues all night and so I can just hold the draft here and post it later
  • Windows Seven
    Just a short post right now, at the moment I'm working with the Windows 7 Beta, and decided to try out Windows Live Writer for posting to the blog. I'm not really sure if
  • Signs of Progress
    I am a prototype junkie. I love work in progress. I love demo tapes for music, early shots of movies or TV shows, and test builds and betas of video games and other softwa
  • Educational Game?
    Every so often I get the urge to find an old game series I had played at my elementary school. The name of the series was something like "Twist-a-plots" or "Twist-a-plotz"
  • Version Two - Spiral Island
    Spiral Island started out using the the three characters I had in Leviathan : Amy Carter, Marcus Tilden, and Queen Sarissa Croshid. RPG Maker 95 let me have up to 12 chara
  • Version One - Project Leviathan
    As I mentioned in the last entry, I wanted to give an introduction to the Spiral Island storyline. I figure I'll start this off here by telling how I have gotten to this p
  • DNS Unavailable
    When I first started Skewed, I mentioned in the backstory about how in the midst of the initial infection, the internet was quickly destroyed. I brought up mention of this
  • Firefox Day
    Hurry, it's the day of the Firefox 3.0 release. And they're trying to set a world record for number of downloads in the first day, so get on over to and dow
  • Return to Normalcy
    Finally done with training, so now I am finally back to a normal work schedule, instead of working until midnight or later. Just to update what I've been up to, I spent mo
  • Something From Nothing
    It's been a while since I last updated Skewed . While this should come as no surprise given my promptness on this so far, there have been some factors that have actually c
  • Dictate Anywhere
    Since I got my new headphones with a microphone, I decided I would try out the Vista Speech Recognition. Unless I can't avoid it, this whole post is dictated. The problem,
  • Blogotubes
    It is now the end of the year, and so its time to reflect over the last year, and make new year resolutions. One thing I have noticed over the last year is my changing in
  • StoryLines
    One of the things I was taught in Elementary School was to organize for large writing projects. I had done that using index cards, and on the computer using the Cardfile p
  • Backlog
    Wow, this makes a grand total of three entries on here so far this month, I've been slacking. Not that I haven't been busy, I've been setting up my working environment in
  • Typing with gloves on
    Just to see how this turns out, im going to type this entire entry with my gloves on, at full speed, and not do any corrections of mistakes. My hands are currently rfreezi
  • Plurality
    A while back, I bought a domain name for a video game series idea for AnacondaSoftware, The Only Thing To . However, unlike the other domains I buy, I wasn't orig
  • City Notoriety
    A few days ago I noticed that Blender has started experimental support for 3D devices, or rather devices with six degrees of freedom. Back in December when I first bought

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