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The Green House

So after I cleverly quoted the line from my old halloween story, and since it's October once again, I remembered it's existence and that I can post it on here now. So I decided to do so, and put it on Booksie as well, and after I wrote the prologue for The Pocketwatch, I got the idea to maybe do a collection of short stories joined together by that line. I've got one more idea, but I might do a fourth one after those are done to tie everything together, depending on how I feel then.

"Celebration" wasn't ever an actual title for it, though, so I decided to give it a proper title. I wanted to follow up with the naming convention of The Pocketwatch and name it The House, but Booksie said there was already something had that name, so I altered it to be "The Green House" since it's an ugly green house. I didn't realize until after I had finished putting the two peices I did on Booksie that the title could be interpreted as "The Greenhouse" which this is not, but I don't care now. Not all of what was written in the Google Doc is here or on Booksie, because I hadn't finished writing the next part.

Starting off talking about the house, since I haven't really talked about that before, the house I pretty much came up with from scratch. I don't particularly know any houses with the floor plan I described. The spoon is a recurring joke I use whenever it fits, based on the random changes in Final Fantasy IV for the original SNES release (the first Final Fantasy game I ever played), and the fact that according to that a spoon is the most powerful throwing weapon for a ninja.

Switching to talk about The Pocketwatch, I hadn't originally conceived of placing any specific dates or locations on what was happening, just that it was somewhere in Europe at the late 16th Century, because that's when and where pocketwatches really started picking up. My "Celebration" line, though, had reminded me of one of the parts of the Otherland series, the second book to be exact, where the character Paul Jonas was in Venice during Carnival, and had mentioned something about a recent battle victory where people were even more pumped up. I decided to pull out the book and find out more information about that, and found it was the Battle of Lepanto. After reading it a bit, I decided that would be the setting, and worked it into the conversation between the witch and the watchmaker.  

Because for some random reason Word decided to paste completely different than it did when I posted the prologue of The Pocketwatch, and AbiWord, which I used to put up every page before, has decided to betray me and hard force every paragraph tag to have a margin, individually, the two pages of The Green House have their tabs intact, which I don't usually use for the space constraints, using a double line to separate paragraphs instead. Oddly enough it created those as well, so I don't really know what it's smoking. I'll fix it later, I don't want to mess with it right now.

Date posted: 04 October, 2009
Tags: celebration novels the_pocketwatch writing
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