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  • The Green House
    So after I cleverly quoted the line from my old halloween story , and since it's October once again, I remembered it's existence and that I can post it on here now. So I d
  • Less Holiday
    I haven't really cared about Halloween this year. I haven't had any good ideas to follow, and I've been arther busy with some other stuff. I haven't come up with any ideas
  • Unholy Holy Water
    With the update today for Skewed , I think we can now appropriately more or less mark the midpoint of the story. Revealing the true purpose of the Storm, which has been on
  • Naming Conventions: Self-Referencing
    I am not very good with names. I never have been, even my close friends I'll cycle through different names until I get the correct one. It's something my father and grandm
  • A Month Mostly Wasted
    Back in 2004, while bored at work during the Halloween season, I started writing a ghost story. I didn't finish it then, I only barely got started. I had decided at that t

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