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Power Ballad

So this week Brütal Legend came out. It's a combination of Adventure and RTS elements in a sandbox environment, gameplay wise, starring actor and comedian Jack Black. But, perhaps best of all, the game's story is High Fantasy set in the world of Rock.

In Brutal Legend Jack's character, Eddie Riggs, is transported from a rock concert into a parallel world, which was once ruled by a god-beast made of fire and molten steel, and it left influences of heavy metal around the world. There are stone monuments of guitars, old car parts, and walls and roads made of large speakers. But best of all is the soundtrack, with over 100 Heavy Metal songs sitting as setting for the game's main sequences, and a musical score written by LucasArts composer Peter McConnell based on those tracks to fill it in, make it an absolutely enjoyable game, soundtrack wise. If you're into metal, anyway. It's a fun game, full of  witty humor and random comedy of errors, so I would recommend anyone who likes that type of music to play it.

I would have liked to have heard some Blind Guardian in the soundtrack as well, though.

Date posted: 16 October, 2009
Tags: music video_games
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