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Well, Windows 7 is officially released now. Unlike when Vista was released, I won't be switching to 7 immediately. My desktop is slowly spiraling to it's death, so I'm going to wait until i get a chance to build a new machine for that, and my XPS I don't want to change until I'm done with the work on Spiral Island. So I have a copy of 7 just sitting here waiting to be installed. 

I'm finding the advertising scheme Microsoft came up with for Japan rather surreal, though. In an odd way to try and appeal to the geeks there, they decided to play off the internet's OS-tan phenomenon and sanctioned an artist to make an "official" OS-tan for the system: Nanami Madobe (which is a play on words derived from Windows 7). There's even a Windows 7 theme Microsoft released for 7 with a collection of wallpapers of the character and a sound scheme made up of various voiced recordings for the character.

I just find this turn of events incredibly strange.

Date posted: 23 October, 2009
Tags: advertisement computer internet software
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