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Never Again Open This

I keep a folder with all (well, almost all) of my writings over the years. It's a simple migration of the default WordPerfect document folder, named MyFiles, even though I lost my WordPefect license some time back and had to switch to OpenOffice, and am now using Word 2007. There are 146 documents in this folder dating back into the year 2000 (after I had lost the work from AZZ CardFile), though a few of them are duplicates or temporary locks that didn't clean themselves up properly. 

Most of these files really aren't much, just simple notes I had jotted down and saved in a file so I had them. Some of them are also story starters, which I had noted down based on dreams with just enough details from the dream so I could remember it later, but never got around to continuing as stories. And lastly, I have one file, by the name of "never again open this.wpd", which was an utterly horrible poem I had to write in my Junior year in High School about an aspect of school life (I chose the subject of Sophomores). I found it so atrocious that after the assignment was turned in I renamed the file by that name afterwards, and have mostly stuck to that reminder. 

Despite the fact I utterly suck at the games, I am a fan of the Japanese indie game series "Touhou", a series I have recently gotten into of top down shooters with an all female cast that primarily are characterized by having way too many bullets on the screen. It's commonly known as "danmaku" variant in Japanese, in English as "bullet hell", although the only game I can think of of the variant that I have played that would be well known in the English speaking community is the Dreamcast/XBLA game Ikaruga.  But mostly what has made me enjoy the series so much is the amount of depth it's drunkard creator has gone into the series, which is based heavily on Japanese mythology. Despite having taken three years of Japanese language in high school, mythology wasn't really touched upon much in the class, and so I've ended up learning a lot reading the back notes about the various mythological creatures the characters are based on. 

As far as mythology is concerned, I've myself studied primarily Greek mythology in the past, and used fair amounts of mythology as part of my game storylines. This is how these random thoughts tie together, mind you, and in fact it all ties together from one single name: Aya. This particular character is a Tengu, a creature from Japanese mythology commonly considered harbringers of war, and generally identified by red faces and extremely long noses, and raptor wings. During the D&D campaign I've been in, at one point the DM used a creature from Greek mythology that I had forgotten about, the Erinyes (or also known as Furies, mind you most of that Wikipedia article's content is missing from a vandalism and hasn't gotten restored yet). While I was re-familiarizing myself with the Erinyes, I noticed that, in an interesting case of syncretism, they are very similar to the Japanese Tengu: avian wings, and harbringers of vengeance. 

While I found this interesting, the most interesting part to me didn't come until after that, when I accidentally opened one of these old writings based on dreams. This particular piece from early 2005, it was one of my worst actual pieces of writing, horribly described and missing much of the important details for the rest of the story, but had a character I had forgotten I had created, identified roughly as "Flying" by one of the other characters who was identifying these characters by equating them to Greek mythological creatures, but whom I had given her real name meaning "bird" in Greek (though I might have corrupted the spelling when I looked this up years ago) as "Aiya".

Aya the Tengu, Aiya the Erinye. There is certainly not a shortage of coincidences around here.

Date posted: 13 November, 2009
Tags: mythology names video_games writing
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